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* Copyright 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "aemu/base/containers/Lookup.h"
#include "aemu/base/files/Stream.h"
#include "aemu/base/synchronization/Lock.h"
#include "GLDispatch.h"
#include "GLESpointer.h"
#include "ObjectNameSpace.h"
#include "ShareGroup.h"
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <vector>
#include <functional>
static constexpr int kMaxVertexAttributes = 16;
typedef std::unordered_map<GLenum,GLESpointer*> ArraysMap;
enum TextureTarget {
typedef struct _textureTargetState {
GLuint texture;
GLboolean enabled;
} textureTargetState;
typedef textureTargetState textureUnitState[NUM_TEXTURE_TARGETS];
class Version{
explicit Version(int major = 0,int minor = 0,int release = 0);
Version(const char* versionString);
Version(const Version& ver);
bool operator<(const Version& ver) const;
Version& operator=(const Version& ver);
int m_major;
int m_minor;
int m_release;
struct GLSupport {
int maxLights = 0;
int maxVertexAttribs = 0;
int maxClipPlane = 0;
int maxTexUnits = 0;
int maxTexImageUnits = 0;
int maxTexSize = 0;
int maxCombinedTexImageUnits = 0;
int maxTransformFeedbackSeparateAttribs = 0;
int maxUniformBufferBindings = 0;
int maxAtomicCounterBufferBindings = 0;
int maxShaderStorageBufferBindings = 0;
int maxVertexAttribBindings = 0;
int maxDrawBuffers = 1;
Version glslVersion;
bool GL_EXT_TEXTURE_FORMAT_BGRA8888 = false;
bool GL_ARB_VERTEX_BLEND = false;
bool GL_OES_READ_FORMAT = false;
bool GL_NV_HALF_FLOAT = false;
bool GL_OES_TEXTURE_NPOT = false;
bool GL_OES_RGB8_RGBA8 = false;
bool ext_GL_OES_texture_buffer = false;
bool ext_GL_EXT_color_buffer_float = false;
bool ext_GL_EXT_color_buffer_half_float = false;
bool ext_GL_EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch = false;
bool ext_GL_EXT_texture_buffer = false;
bool ext_GL_EXT_draw_buffers_indexed = false;
bool ext_GL_EXT_memory_object = false;
bool ext_GL_EXT_semaphore = false;
bool ext_GL_KHR_texture_compression_astc_ldr = false;
bool textureBufferAny() const { return ext_GL_OES_texture_buffer || ext_GL_EXT_texture_buffer; }
bool hasEtc2Support = false;
bool hasAstcSupport = false;
bool hasBptcSupport = false;
bool hasS3tcSupport = false;
bool hasRgtcSupport = false;
struct ArrayData {
void* data = nullptr;
GLenum type = 0;
unsigned int stride = 0;
bool allocated = false;
struct BlendState {
GLboolean bEnable = GL_FALSE;
GLenum blendEquationRgb = GL_FUNC_ADD;
GLenum blendEquationAlpha = GL_FUNC_ADD;
GLenum blendSrcRgb = GL_ONE;
GLenum blendDstRgb = GL_ZERO;
GLenum blendSrcAlpha = GL_ONE;
GLenum blendDstAlpha = GL_ZERO;
GLboolean colorMaskR = GL_TRUE;
GLboolean colorMaskG = GL_TRUE;
GLboolean colorMaskB = GL_TRUE;
GLboolean colorMaskA = GL_TRUE;
struct BufferBinding {
GLuint buffer = 0;
GLintptr offset = 0;
GLsizeiptr size = 0;
GLintptr stride = 0;
GLuint divisor = 0;
bool isBindBase = false;
void onLoad(android::base::Stream* stream);
void onSave(android::base::Stream* stream) const;
typedef std::vector<GLESpointer> VertexAttribInfoVector;
typedef std::vector<BufferBinding> VertexAttribBindingVector;
struct VAOState {
VAOState() : VAOState(0, NULL, 0) { }
VAOState(GLuint ibo, ArraysMap* arr, int numVertexAttribBindings) :
legacy(arr != nullptr),
arraysMap(arr) { }
VAOState(android::base::Stream* stream);
GLuint element_array_buffer_binding;
VertexAttribInfoVector vertexAttribInfo;
VertexAttribBindingVector bindingState;
bool bufferBacked;
bool everBound;
bool legacy = false;
std::unique_ptr<ArraysMap> arraysMap;
void onSave(android::base::Stream* stream) const;
typedef std::unordered_map<GLuint, VAOState> VAOStateMap;
struct VAOStateRef {
VAOStateRef() { }
VAOStateRef(VAOStateMap::iterator iter) : it(iter) { }
GLuint vaoId() const { return it->first; }
GLuint& iboId() { return it->second.element_array_buffer_binding; }
const VertexAttribInfoVector& attribInfo_const() const {
return it->second.vertexAttribInfo;
VertexAttribInfoVector& attribInfo() {
return it->second.vertexAttribInfo;
ArraysMap::iterator begin() {
return it->second.arraysMap->begin();
ArraysMap::iterator end() {
return it->second.arraysMap->end();
ArraysMap::iterator find(GLenum arrType) {
return it->second.arraysMap->find(arrType);
GLESpointer*& operator[](size_t k) {
ArraysMap* map = it->second.arraysMap.get();
return (*map)[k];
VertexAttribBindingVector& bufferBindings() {
return it->second.bindingState;
void setEverBound() {
it->second.everBound = true;
bool isEverBound() {
return it->second.everBound;
VAOStateMap::iterator it;
class FramebufferData;
class GLESConversionArrays
void setArr(void* data,unsigned int stride,GLenum type);
void allocArr(unsigned int size,GLenum type);
ArrayData& operator[](int i);
void* getCurrentData();
ArrayData& getCurrentArray();
unsigned int getCurrentIndex();
void operator++();
std::unordered_map<GLenum,ArrayData> m_arrays;
unsigned int m_current = 0;
class GLEScontext{
GLEScontext(GlobalNameSpace* globalNameSpace, android::base::Stream* stream,
GlLibrary* glLib);
virtual void init();
static void initGlobal(EGLiface* eglIface);
GLenum getGLerror();
void setGLerror(GLenum err);
void setShareGroup(ShareGroupPtr grp){m_shareGroup = std::move(grp);};
const ShareGroupPtr& shareGroup() const { return m_shareGroup; }
virtual void setActiveTexture(GLenum tex);
unsigned int getActiveTextureUnit() const { return m_activeTexture; }
unsigned int getBindedTexture(GLenum target);
unsigned int getBindedTexture(GLenum unit,GLenum target);
void setBindedTexture(GLenum target,unsigned int tex);
bool isTextureUnitEnabled(GLenum unit);
void setTextureEnabled(GLenum target, GLenum enable);
ObjectLocalName getDefaultTextureName(GLenum target);
ObjectLocalName getTextureLocalName(GLenum target, unsigned int tex);
bool isInitialized() { return m_initialized; };
bool needRestore();
bool isArrEnabled(GLenum);
virtual void enableArr(GLenum arr,bool enable);
void addVertexArrayObjects(GLsizei n, GLuint* arrays);
void removeVertexArrayObjects(GLsizei n, const GLuint* arrays);
bool setVertexArrayObject(GLuint array);
void setVAOEverBound();
GLuint getVertexArrayObject() const;
bool vertexAttributesBufferBacked();
const GLvoid* setPointer(GLenum arrType,GLint size,GLenum type,GLsizei stride,const GLvoid* data, GLsizei dataSize, bool normalize = false, bool isInt = false);
virtual const GLESpointer* getPointer(GLenum arrType);
virtual void setupArraysPointers(GLESConversionArrays& fArrs,GLint first,GLsizei count,GLenum type,const GLvoid* indices,bool direct, bool* needEnablingPostDraw) = 0;
static void prepareCoreProfileEmulatedTexture(TextureData* texData, bool is3d, GLenum target,
GLenum format, GLenum type,
GLint* internalformat_out, GLenum* format_out);
GLuint bindBuffer(GLenum target,GLuint buffer); // returns global name for dispatcher
virtual void bindIndexedBuffer(GLenum target,
GLuint index,
GLuint buffer,
GLintptr offset,
GLsizeiptr size,
GLintptr stride = 0,
bool isBindBase = false);
virtual void bindIndexedBuffer(GLenum target, GLuint index, GLuint buffer);
virtual void unbindBuffer(GLuint buffer);
bool isBuffer(GLuint buffer);
bool isBindedBuffer(GLenum target);
GLvoid* getBindedBuffer(GLenum target);
GLuint getBuffer(GLenum target);
virtual GLuint getIndexedBuffer(GLenum target, GLuint index);
void getBufferSize(GLenum target,GLint* param);
void getBufferSizeById(GLuint buffer,GLint* param);
void getBufferUsage(GLenum target,GLint* param);
bool setBufferData(GLenum target,GLsizeiptr size,const GLvoid* data,GLenum usage);
bool setBufferSubData(GLenum target,GLintptr offset,GLsizeiptr size,const GLvoid* data);
const char * getExtensionString(bool isGles1);
const char * getVendorString(bool isGles1) const;
const char * getRendererString(bool isGles1) const;
const char * getVersionString(bool isGles1) const;
void getGlobalLock();
void releaseGlobalLock();
virtual const GLSupport* getCaps() const = 0;
static GLSupport* getCapsGlobal(){return &s_glSupport;};
static bool vulkanInteropSupported() {
return s_glSupport.ext_GL_EXT_memory_object &&
static bool shaderFramebufferFetchSupported() {
return s_glSupport.ext_GL_EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch;
virtual ~GLEScontext();
virtual int getMaxTexUnits() = 0;
virtual int getMaxCombinedTexUnits() { return getMaxTexUnits(); }
virtual void drawValidate(void);
// Default FBO emulation. Do not call this from GLEScontext context;
// it needs dynamic dispatch (from GLEScmContext or GLESv2Context DLLs)
// to pick up on the right functions.
virtual void initDefaultFBO(
GLint width, GLint height, GLint colorFormat, GLint depthstencilFormat, GLint multisamples,
GLuint* eglSurfaceRBColorId, GLuint* eglSurfaceRBDepthId,
GLuint readWidth, GLint readHeight, GLint readColorFormat, GLint readDepthStencilFormat, GLint readMultisamples,
GLuint* eglReadSurfaceRBColorId, GLuint* eglReadSurfaceRBDepthId);
void initEmulatedEGLSurface(GLint width, GLint height,
GLint colorFormat, GLint depthstencilFormat, GLint multisamples,
GLuint rboColor, GLuint rboDepth);
GLuint getDefaultFBOGlobalName() const { return m_defaultFBO; }
bool isDefaultFBOBound(GLenum target) const { return !getFramebufferBinding(target); }
bool hasEmulatedDefaultFBO() const { return m_defaultFBO != 0; }
int getDefaultFBOColorFormat() const { return m_defaultFBOColorFormat; }
int getDefaultFBOWidth() const { return m_defaultFBOWidth; }
int getDefaultFBOHeight() const { return m_defaultFBOHeight; }
int getDefaultFBOMultisamples() const { return m_defaultFBOSamples; }
void setRenderbufferBinding(GLuint rb) { m_renderbuffer = rb; }
GLuint getRenderbufferBinding() const { return m_renderbuffer; }
void setFramebufferBinding(GLenum target, GLuint fb) {
switch (target) {
m_readFramebuffer = fb;
m_drawFramebuffer = fb;
m_readFramebuffer = fb;
m_drawFramebuffer = fb;
m_drawFramebuffer = fb;
GLuint getFramebufferBinding(GLenum target) const {
switch (target) {
return m_readFramebuffer;
return m_drawFramebuffer;
return m_drawFramebuffer;
void setEnable(GLenum item, bool isEnable);
void setEnablei(GLenum cap, GLuint index, bool isEnable);
bool isEnabled(GLenum item) const;
void setBlendEquationSeparate(GLenum modeRGB, GLenum modeAlpha);
void setBlendEquationSeparatei(GLuint buf, GLenum modeRGB, GLenum modeAlpha);
void setBlendFuncSeparate(GLenum srcRGB, GLenum dstRGB,
GLenum srcAlpha, GLenum dstAlpha);
void setBlendFuncSeparatei(GLenum buf, GLenum srcRGB, GLenum dstRGB, GLenum srcAlpha, GLenum dstAlpha);
void setPixelStorei(GLenum pname, GLint param);
void setViewport(GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height);
void getViewport(GLint* params);
void setPolygonOffset(GLfloat factor, GLfloat units);
void setScissor(GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height);
void setCullFace(GLenum mode);
void setFrontFace(GLenum mode);
void setDepthFunc(GLenum func);
void setDepthMask(GLboolean flag);
void setDepthRangef(GLclampf zNear, GLclampf zFar);
void setLineWidth(GLfloat lineWidth);
void setSampleCoverage(GLclampf value, GLboolean invert);
void setStencilFuncSeparate(GLenum face, GLenum func, GLint ref,
GLuint mask);
void setStencilMaskSeparate(GLenum face, GLuint mask);
void setStencilOpSeparate(GLenum face, GLenum fail, GLenum zfail,
GLenum zpass);
void setColorMask(GLboolean red, GLboolean green, GLboolean blue,
GLboolean alpha);
void setColorMaski(GLuint buf, GLboolean red, GLboolean green, GLboolean blue, GLboolean alpha);
void setClearColor(GLclampf red, GLclampf green, GLclampf blue,
GLclampf alpha);
void setClearDepth(GLclampf depth);
void setClearStencil(GLint s);
// Core profile doesn't support GL_GENERATE_MIPMAP_HINT,
// so just emulate it here with no-ops.
void setHint(GLenum target, GLenum mode) {
m_hints[target] = mode;
GLenum getHint(GLenum target) const {
return android::base::findOrDefault(m_hints, target, GL_DONT_CARE);
static GLDispatch& dispatcher(){return s_glDispatch;};
static EGLiface* eglIface();
static void initEglIface(EGLiface* iface);
static int getMaxLights(){return s_glSupport.maxLights;}
static int getMaxClipPlanes(){return s_glSupport.maxClipPlane;}
static int getMaxTexSize(){return s_glSupport.maxTexSize;}
static Version glslVersion(){return s_glSupport.glslVersion;}
static bool isAutoMipmapSupported(){return s_glSupport.GL_SGIS_GENERATE_MIPMAP;}
static TextureTarget GLTextureTargetToLocal(GLenum target);
static unsigned int findMaxIndex(GLsizei count,GLenum type,const GLvoid* indices);
virtual bool glGetIntegerv(GLenum pname, GLint *params);
virtual bool glGetBooleanv(GLenum pname, GLboolean *params);
virtual bool glGetFloatv(GLenum pname, GLfloat *params);
virtual bool glGetFixedv(GLenum pname, GLfixed *params);
int getMajorVersion() const { return m_glesMajorVersion; }
int getMinorVersion() const { return m_glesMinorVersion; }
// FBO
void initFBONameSpace(GlobalNameSpace* globalNameSpace,
android::base::Stream* stream);
bool isFBO(ObjectLocalName p_localName);
ObjectLocalName genFBOName(ObjectLocalName p_localName = 0,
bool genLocal = 0);
void setFBOData(ObjectLocalName p_localName, ObjectDataPtr data);
void setDefaultFBODrawBuffer(GLenum buffer);
void setDefaultFBOReadBuffer(GLenum buffer);
void deleteFBO(ObjectLocalName p_localName);
FramebufferData* getFBOData(ObjectLocalName p_localName) const;
ObjectDataPtr getFBODataPtr(ObjectLocalName p_localName) const;
unsigned int getFBOGlobalName(ObjectLocalName p_localName) const;
ObjectLocalName getFBOLocalName(unsigned int p_globalName) const;
int queryCurrFboBits(ObjectLocalName localFboName, GLenum pname);
// Texture emulation
void copyTexImageWithEmulation(
TextureData* texData,
bool isSubImage,
GLenum target,
GLint level,
GLenum internalformat,
GLint xoffset, GLint yoffset,
GLint x, GLint y,
GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
GLint border);
// Primitive restart emulation
void setPrimitiveRestartEnabled(bool enabled);
bool primitiveRestartEnabled() const {
return m_primitiveRestartEnabled;
void updatePrimitiveRestartIndex(GLenum type);
bool isVAO(ObjectLocalName p_localName);
ObjectLocalName genVAOName(ObjectLocalName p_localName = 0,
bool genLocal = 0);
void deleteVAO(ObjectLocalName p_localName);
unsigned int getVAOGlobalName(ObjectLocalName p_localName);
ObjectLocalName getVAOLocalName(unsigned int p_globalName);
// Snapshot save
virtual void onSave(android::base::Stream* stream) const;
virtual void postSave(android::base::Stream* stream) const;
virtual ObjectDataPtr loadObject(NamedObjectType type,
ObjectLocalName localName, android::base::Stream* stream) const;
// postLoad is triggered after setting up ShareGroup
virtual void postLoad();
virtual void restore();
bool isCoreProfile() const { return m_coreProfile; }
void setCoreProfile(bool core) { m_coreProfile = core; }
// Utility functions for emulation
static GLuint compileAndValidateCoreShader(GLenum shaderType, const char* src);
static GLuint linkAndValidateProgram(GLuint vshader, GLuint fshader);
bool contextNeedsRestore() const {
return m_needRestoreFromSnapshot;
void blitFromReadBufferToTextureFlipped(GLuint globalTexObj,
GLuint width, GLuint height,
GLint internalFormat, GLenum format, GLenum type);
void blitFromReadBufferToEGLImage(EGLImage image, GLint internalFormat, int width, int height);
void initDefaultFboImpl(
GLint width, GLint height,
GLint colorFormat, GLint depthstencilFormat,
GLint multisamples,
GLuint* eglSurfaceRBColorId,
GLuint* eglSurfaceRBDepthId);
virtual void postLoadRestoreShareGroup();
virtual void postLoadRestoreCtx();
static void buildStrings(int major, int minor, const char* baseVendor, const char* baseRenderer, const char* baseVersion, const char* version);
void freeVAOState();
virtual void addVertexArrayObject(GLuint array);
void removeVertexArrayObject(GLuint array);
virtual bool needConvert(GLESConversionArrays& fArrs,GLint first,GLsizei count,GLenum type,const GLvoid* indices,bool direct,GLESpointer* p,GLenum array_id) = 0;
void convertDirect(GLESConversionArrays& fArrs,GLint first,GLsizei count,GLenum array_id,GLESpointer* p);
void convertDirectVBO(GLESConversionArrays& fArrs,GLint first,GLsizei count,GLenum array_id,GLESpointer* p);
void convertIndirect(GLESConversionArrays& fArrs,GLsizei count,GLenum type,const GLvoid* indices,GLenum array_id,GLESpointer* p);
void convertIndirectVBO(GLESConversionArrays& fArrs,GLsizei count,GLenum indices_type,const GLvoid* indices,GLenum array_id,GLESpointer* p);
static void initCapsLocked(const GLubyte * extensionString, GLSupport& glSupport);
virtual void initExtensionString() =0;
bool m_needRestoreFromSnapshot = false;
static android::base::Lock s_lock;
static GLDispatch s_glDispatch;
bool m_initialized = false;
unsigned int m_activeTexture = 0;
VAOStateMap m_vaoStateMap;
VAOStateRef m_currVaoState;
// Buffer binding state
GLuint m_copyReadBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_copyWriteBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_pixelPackBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_pixelUnpackBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_transformFeedbackBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_uniformBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_atomicCounterBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_dispatchIndirectBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_drawIndirectBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_shaderStorageBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_textureBuffer = 0;
std::vector<BufferBinding> m_indexedTransformFeedbackBuffers;
std::vector<BufferBinding> m_indexedUniformBuffers;
std::vector<BufferBinding> m_indexedAtomicCounterBuffers;
std::vector<BufferBinding> m_indexedShaderStorageBuffers;
bool m_isViewport = false;
GLint m_viewportX = 0;
GLint m_viewportY = 0;
GLsizei m_viewportWidth = 0;
GLsizei m_viewportHeight = 0;
GLfloat m_polygonOffsetFactor = 0.0f;
GLfloat m_polygonOffsetUnits = 0.0f;
bool m_isScissor = false;
GLint m_scissorX = 0;
GLint m_scissorY = 0;
GLsizei m_scissorWidth = 0;
GLsizei m_scissorHeight = 0;
std::unordered_map<GLenum, bool> m_glEnableList = std::unordered_map<GLenum, bool>();
std::vector<BlendState> m_blendStates;
std::unordered_map<GLenum, GLint> m_glPixelStoreiList;
GLenum m_cullFace = GL_BACK;
GLenum m_frontFace = GL_CCW;
GLenum m_depthFunc = GL_LESS;
GLboolean m_depthMask = GL_TRUE;
GLclampf m_zNear = 0.0f;
GLclampf m_zFar = 1.0f;
GLfloat m_lineWidth = 1.0f;
GLclampf m_sampleCoverageVal = 1.0f;
GLboolean m_sampleCoverageInvert = GL_FALSE;
enum {
StencilFront = 0,
struct {
GLenum m_func = GL_ALWAYS;
GLint m_ref = 0;
GLuint m_funcMask = -1; // all bits set to 1
GLuint m_writeMask = -1; // all bits set to 1
GLenum m_sfail = GL_KEEP;
GLenum m_dpfail = GL_KEEP;
GLenum m_dppass = GL_KEEP;
} m_stencilStates[2];
GLclampf m_clearColorR = 0.0f;
GLclampf m_clearColorG = 0.0f;
GLclampf m_clearColorB = 0.0f;
GLclampf m_clearColorA = 0.0f;
GLclampf m_clearDepth = 1.0f;
GLint m_clearStencil = 0;
// we may run with multiple gles version contexts.
// for Angle based driver, es31 feature still not completed
// only enabled with application requires es3.1
// the default context version is still es3.0.
// this is temporary patch. we can remove this patch if Angle ES3.1 feature completed.
static std::string* s_glExtensionsGles1;
static bool s_glExtensionsGles1Initialized;
static std::string* s_glExtensionsGles31;
static bool s_glExtensionsGles31Initialized;
static std::string* s_glExtensions;
static bool s_glExtensionsInitialized;
// for ES1.1
static GLSupport s_glSupportGles1;
// Common for ES2.0+
static GLSupport s_glSupport;
// Special for ES3.1
static GLSupport s_glSupportGles31;
int m_glesMajorVersion = 1;
int m_glesMinorVersion = 0;
ShareGroupPtr m_shareGroup;
// Default FBO per-context state
GLuint m_defaultFBO = 0;
GLuint m_defaultReadFBO = 0;
GLuint m_defaultFboRBColor = 0;
GLuint m_defaultFboRBDepth = 0;
GLuint m_defaultReadFboRBColor = 0;
GLuint m_defaultReadFboRBDepth = 0;
GLint m_defaultFBOWidth = 0;
GLint m_defaultFBOHeight = 0;
GLint m_defaultFBOColorFormat = 0;
GLint m_defaultFBODepthFormat = 0;
GLint m_defaultFBOStencilFormat = 0;
GLint m_defaultFBOSamples = 0;
GLenum m_defaultFBODrawBuffer = GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0;
GLenum m_defaultFBOReadBuffer = GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0;
// Texture emulation state
void initTexImageEmulation();
GLuint m_textureEmulationFBO = 0;
GLuint m_textureEmulationTextures[2] = {};
GLuint m_textureEmulationProg = 0;
GLuint m_textureEmulationVAO = 0;
GLuint m_textureEmulationVBO = 0;
GLuint m_textureEmulationSamplerLoc = 0;
std::function<GLESbuffer*(GLuint)> getBufferObj
= [this] (GLuint bufferName) -> GLESbuffer* {
return (GLESbuffer*)m_shareGroup->getObjectData(
GLuint m_useProgram = 0;
GLenum m_glError = GL_NO_ERROR;
int m_maxTexUnits;
unsigned int m_maxUsedTexUnit = 0;
textureUnitState* m_texState = nullptr;
unsigned int m_arrayBuffer = 0;
unsigned int m_elementBuffer = 0;
GLuint m_renderbuffer = 0;
GLuint m_drawFramebuffer = 0;
GLuint m_readFramebuffer = 0;
static std::string s_glVendorGles1;
static std::string s_glRendererGles1;
static std::string s_glVersionGles1;
static std::string s_glVendorGles31;
static std::string s_glRendererGles31;
static std::string s_glVersionGles31;
static std::string s_glVendor;
static std::string s_glRenderer;
static std::string s_glVersion;
NameSpace* m_fboNameSpace = nullptr;
// m_vaoNameSpace is an empty shell that holds the names but not the data
// TODO(yahan): consider moving the data into it?
NameSpace* m_vaoNameSpace = nullptr;
bool m_coreProfile = false;
std::unordered_map<GLenum, GLenum> m_hints;
bool m_primitiveRestartEnabled = false;
struct ImageBlitState {
GLuint program = 0;
GLuint samplerLoc = 0;
GLuint vao = 0;
GLuint vbo = 0;
GLuint ibo = 0;
GLuint fbo = 0;
GLuint resolveFbo = 0;
GLuint tex = 0;
uint32_t width = 0;
uint32_t height = 0;
GLint internalFormat = 0;
uint32_t samples = 0;
uint32_t prevSamples = 0;
GLuint eglImageTex = 0;
ImageBlitState m_blitState = {};
GLint getReadBufferSamples();
GLint getReadBufferInternalFormat();
void getReadBufferDimensions(GLint* width, GLint* height);
void setupImageBlitState();
bool setupImageBlitForTexture(uint32_t width, uint32_t height,
GLint internalFormat);
std::string getHostExtensionsString(GLDispatch* dispatch);