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* Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "EmulatorFeatureInfo.h"
#include "IOStream.h"
#include "renderControl_enc.h"
#include "ChecksumCalculator.h"
#include "goldfish_dma.h"
#include <cutils/native_handle.h>
#include <mutex>
#include <utils/threads.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
class GLEncoder;
struct gl_client_context_t;
class GL2Encoder;
struct gl2_client_context_t;
namespace goldfish_vk {
class VkEncoder;
// ExtendedRCEncoderContext is an extended version of renderControl_encoder_context_t
// that will be used to track available emulator features.
class ExtendedRCEncoderContext : public renderControl_encoder_context_t {
ExtendedRCEncoderContext(IOStream *stream, ChecksumCalculator *checksumCalculator)
: renderControl_encoder_context_t(stream, checksumCalculator),
m_dmaCxt(NULL), m_dmaPtr(NULL), m_dmaPhysAddr(0) { }
void setSyncImpl(SyncImpl syncImpl) { m_featureInfo.syncImpl = syncImpl; }
void setDmaImpl(DmaImpl dmaImpl) { m_featureInfo.dmaImpl = dmaImpl; }
void setHostComposition(HostComposition hostComposition) {
m_featureInfo.hostComposition = hostComposition; }
bool hasNativeSync() const { return m_featureInfo.syncImpl >= SYNC_IMPL_NATIVE_SYNC_V2; }
bool hasNativeSyncV3() const { return m_featureInfo.syncImpl >= SYNC_IMPL_NATIVE_SYNC_V3; }
bool hasNativeSyncV4() const { return m_featureInfo.syncImpl >= SYNC_IMPL_NATIVE_SYNC_V4; }
bool hasVirtioGpuNativeSync() const { return m_featureInfo.hasVirtioGpuNativeSync; }
bool hasHostCompositionV1() const {
return m_featureInfo.hostComposition == HOST_COMPOSITION_V1; }
bool hasHostCompositionV2() const {
return m_featureInfo.hostComposition == HOST_COMPOSITION_V2; }
bool hasYUVCache() const {
return m_featureInfo.hasYUVCache; }
bool hasAsyncUnmapBuffer() const {
return m_featureInfo.hasAsyncUnmapBuffer; }
DmaImpl getDmaVersion() const { return m_featureInfo.dmaImpl; }
void bindDmaContext(struct goldfish_dma_context* cxt) { m_dmaCxt = cxt; }
void bindDmaDirectly(void* dmaPtr, uint64_t dmaPhysAddr) {
m_dmaPtr = dmaPtr;
m_dmaPhysAddr = dmaPhysAddr;
virtual uint64_t lockAndWriteDma(void* data, uint32_t size) {
if (m_dmaPtr && m_dmaPhysAddr) {
memcpy(m_dmaPtr, data, size);
return m_dmaPhysAddr;
} else if (m_dmaCxt) {
return writeGoldfishDma(data, size, m_dmaCxt);
} else {
ALOGE("%s: ERROR: No DMA context bound!", __func__);
return 0;
void setGLESMaxVersion(GLESMaxVersion ver) { m_featureInfo.glesMaxVersion = ver; }
GLESMaxVersion getGLESMaxVersion() const { return m_featureInfo.glesMaxVersion; }
bool hasDirectMem() const {
// unit tests do not support restoring "guest" ram because there is no VM
return false;
return m_featureInfo.hasDirectMem;
const EmulatorFeatureInfo* featureInfo_const() const { return &m_featureInfo; }
EmulatorFeatureInfo* featureInfo() { return &m_featureInfo; }
static uint64_t writeGoldfishDma(void* data, uint32_t size,
struct goldfish_dma_context* dmaCxt) {
ALOGV("%s(data=%p, size=%u): call", __func__, data, size);
goldfish_dma_write(dmaCxt, data, size);
uint64_t paddr = goldfish_dma_guest_paddr(dmaCxt);
ALOGV("%s: paddr=0x%llx", __func__, (unsigned long long)paddr);
return paddr;
EmulatorFeatureInfo m_featureInfo;
struct goldfish_dma_context* m_dmaCxt;
void* m_dmaPtr;
uint64_t m_dmaPhysAddr;
// Abstraction for gralloc handle conversion
class Gralloc {
virtual uint32_t createColorBuffer(
ExtendedRCEncoderContext* rcEnc, int width, int height, uint32_t glformat);
virtual uint32_t getHostHandle(native_handle_t const* handle) = 0;
virtual int getFormat(native_handle_t const* handle) = 0;
virtual size_t getAllocatedSize(native_handle_t const* handle) = 0;
virtual ~Gralloc() {}
// Abstraction for process pipe helper
class ProcessPipe {
virtual bool processPipeInit(HostConnectionType connType, renderControl_encoder_context_t *rcEnc) = 0;
virtual ~ProcessPipe() {}
struct EGLThreadInfo;
class HostConnection
static HostConnection *get();
static HostConnection *getWithThreadInfo(EGLThreadInfo* tInfo);
static void exit();
static std::unique_ptr<HostConnection> createUnique();
HostConnection(const HostConnection&) = delete;
HostConnectionType connectionType() const {
return m_connectionType;
GLEncoder *glEncoder();
GL2Encoder *gl2Encoder();
goldfish_vk::VkEncoder *vkEncoder();
ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEncoder();
// Returns rendernode fd, in case the stream is virtio-gpu based.
// Otherwise, attempts to create a rendernode fd assuming
// virtio-gpu is available.
int getOrCreateRendernodeFd();
ChecksumCalculator *checksumHelper() { return &m_checksumHelper; }
Gralloc *grallocHelper() { return m_grallocHelper; }
void flush() {
if (m_stream) {
void setGrallocOnly(bool gralloc_only) {
m_grallocOnly = gralloc_only;
bool isGrallocOnly() const { return m_grallocOnly; }
#ifdef __clang__
#pragma clang diagnostic push
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wthread-safety-analysis"
void lock() const { m_lock.lock(); }
void unlock() const { m_lock.unlock(); }
#ifdef __clang__
#pragma clang diagnostic pop
// If the connection failed, |conn| is deleted.
// Returns NULL if connection failed.
static std::unique_ptr<HostConnection> connect();
static gl_client_context_t *s_getGLContext();
static gl2_client_context_t *s_getGL2Context();
const std::string& queryGLExtensions(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
// setProtocol initilizes GL communication protocol for checksums
// should be called when m_rcEnc is created
void setChecksumHelper(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetSyncImpl(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetDmaImpl(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetGLESMaxVersion(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetNoErrorState(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetHostCompositionImpl(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetDirectMemSupport(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetVulkanSupport(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetDeferredVulkanCommandsSupport(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetVulkanNullOptionalStringsSupport(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetVulkanCreateResourcesWithRequirementsSupport(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetVulkanIgnoredHandles(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetYUVCache(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *mrcEnc);
void queryAndSetAsyncUnmapBuffer(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetVirtioGpuNext(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryHasSharedSlotsHostMemoryAllocator(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetVulkanFreeMemorySync(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetVirtioGpuNativeSync(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
void queryAndSetVulkanShaderFloat16Int8Support(ExtendedRCEncoderContext *rcEnc);
HostConnectionType m_connectionType;
GrallocType m_grallocType;
std::unique_ptr<IOStream> m_stream;
std::unique_ptr<GLEncoder> m_glEnc;
std::unique_ptr<GL2Encoder> m_gl2Enc;
std::unique_ptr<goldfish_vk::VkEncoder> m_vkEnc;
std::unique_ptr<ExtendedRCEncoderContext> m_rcEnc;
ChecksumCalculator m_checksumHelper;
Gralloc* m_grallocHelper = nullptr;
ProcessPipe* m_processPipe = nullptr;
std::string m_glExtensions;
bool m_grallocOnly;
bool m_noHostError;
mutable std::mutex m_lock;
mutable android::Mutex m_lock;
int m_rendernodeFd;
bool m_rendernodeFdOwned;