vts_ibase_test: check transport to support hardware sku

To support hardware SKU,
manufacturer may custom hardware sku vintf to
and then enable/disable hal service in rc file via hardware properties,
update "/vendor/etc/init/android.hardware.camera.provider@2.4-external-service.rc"
don't start vendor.camera-provider-2-4-ext if current SKU doesn't support USB camera.

if a hal service is diabled in the current hardware SKU,
vts_ibase_test will fail and alert "service is not running".

so update vts_ibase_test to check transport from manifest,
Don't assert if the interface that service declared is not in manifest.

Bug ID: b/269974148
Test: vts -m vts_ibase_test
Test: vts -m vts_treble_vintf_vendor_test

Change-Id: I1f4ae300e78e063d1597fe24b49e78778c88b141
1 file changed