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* Copyright (C) 2020 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <sysexits.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <android-base/file.h>
#include <android-base/logging.h>
#include <android-base/strings.h>
#include <android/hardware/health/2.1/IHealth.h>
#include <gmock/gmock.h>
#include <gtest/gtest.h>
#include <health/utils.h>
#include "healthd_mode_charger_hidl.h"
using android::hardware::Return;
using android::hardware::health::InitHealthdConfig;
using std::string_literals::operator""s;
using testing::_;
using testing::Invoke;
using testing::NiceMock;
using testing::StrEq;
using testing::Test;
namespace android {
// A replacement to ASSERT_* to be used in a forked process. When the condition is not met,
// print a gtest message, then exit abnormally.
class ChildAssertHelper : public std::stringstream {
ChildAssertHelper(bool res, const char* expr, const char* file, int line) : res_(res) {
(*this) << file << ":" << line << ": `" << expr << "` evaluates to false\n";
~ChildAssertHelper() {
EXPECT_TRUE(res_) << str();
if (!res_) exit(EX_SOFTWARE);
bool res_;
#define CHILD_ASSERT_TRUE(expr) ChildAssertHelper(expr, #expr, __FILE__, __LINE__)
// Run |test_body| in a chroot jail in a forked process. |subdir| is a sub-directory in testdata.
// Within |test_body|,
// - non-fatal errors may be reported using EXPECT_* macro as usual.
// - fatal errors must be reported using CHILD_ASSERT_TRUE macro. ASSERT_* must not be used.
void ForkTest(const std::string& subdir, const std::function<void(void)>& test_body) {
pid_t pid = fork();
ASSERT_GE(pid, 0) << "Fork fails: " << strerror(errno);
if (pid == 0) {
// child
chroot((android::base::GetExecutableDirectory() + "/" + subdir).c_str()) != -1)
<< "Failed to chroot to " << subdir << ": " << strerror(errno);
// EXPECT_* macros may set the HasFailure bit without calling exit(). Set exit status
// accordingly.
exit(::testing::Test::HasFailure() ? EX_SOFTWARE : EX_OK);
// parent
int status;
ASSERT_NE(-1, waitpid(pid, &status, 0)) << "waitpid() fails: " << strerror(errno);
ASSERT_TRUE(WIFEXITED(status)) << "Test fails, waitpid() returns " << status;
ASSERT_EQ(EX_OK, WEXITSTATUS(status)) << "Test fails, child process returns " << status;
class MockHealth : public android::hardware::health::V2_1::IHealth {
MOCK_METHOD(Return<::android::hardware::health::V2_0::Result>, registerCallback,
(const sp<::android::hardware::health::V2_0::IHealthInfoCallback>& callback));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<::android::hardware::health::V2_0::Result>, unregisterCallback,
(const sp<::android::hardware::health::V2_0::IHealthInfoCallback>& callback));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<::android::hardware::health::V2_0::Result>, update, ());
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getChargeCounter, (getChargeCounter_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getCurrentNow, (getCurrentNow_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getCurrentAverage, (getCurrentAverage_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getCapacity, (getCapacity_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getEnergyCounter, (getEnergyCounter_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getChargeStatus, (getChargeStatus_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getStorageInfo, (getStorageInfo_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getDiskStats, (getDiskStats_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getHealthInfo, (getHealthInfo_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getHealthConfig, (getHealthConfig_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, getHealthInfo_2_1, (getHealthInfo_2_1_cb _hidl_cb));
MOCK_METHOD(Return<void>, shouldKeepScreenOn, (shouldKeepScreenOn_cb _hidl_cb));
class TestCharger : public ChargerHidl {
// Inherit constructor.
using ChargerHidl::ChargerHidl;
// Expose protected functions to be used in tests.
void Init(struct healthd_config* config) override { ChargerHidl::Init(config); }
MOCK_METHOD(int, CreateDisplaySurface, (const std::string& name, GRSurface** surface));
MOCK_METHOD(int, CreateMultiDisplaySurface,
(const std::string& name, int* frames, int* fps, GRSurface*** surface));
// Intentionally leak TestCharger instance to avoid calling ~HealthLoop() because ~HealthLoop()
// should never be called. But still verify expected calls upon destruction.
class VerifiedTestCharger {
VerifiedTestCharger(TestCharger* charger) : charger_(charger) {
TestCharger& operator*() { return *charger_; }
TestCharger* operator->() { return charger_; }
~VerifiedTestCharger() { testing::Mock::VerifyAndClearExpectations(charger_); }
TestCharger* charger_;
// Do not use SetUp and TearDown of a test suite, as they will be invoked in the parent process, not
// the child process. In particular, if the test suite contains mocks, they will not be verified in
// the child process. Instead, create mocks within closures in each tests.
void ExpectChargerResAt(const std::string& root) {
sp<NiceMock<MockHealth>> health(new NiceMock<MockHealth>());
VerifiedTestCharger charger(new NiceMock<TestCharger>(health));
// Only one frame in all testdata/**/animation.txt
GRSurface* multi[] = {nullptr};
EXPECT_CALL(*charger, CreateDisplaySurface(StrEq(root + "charger/battery_fail.png"), _))
.WillRepeatedly(Invoke([](const auto&, GRSurface** surface) {
*surface = nullptr;
return 0;
CreateMultiDisplaySurface(StrEq(root + "charger/battery_scale.png"), _, _, _))
.WillRepeatedly(Invoke([&](const auto&, int* frames, int* fps, GRSurface*** surface) {
*frames = arraysize(multi);
*fps = 60; // Unused fps value
*surface = multi;
return 0;
struct healthd_config healthd_config;
// Test that if resources does not exist in /res or in /product/etc/res, load from /system.
TEST(ChargerLoadAnimationRes, Empty) {
ForkTest("empty", std::bind(&ExpectChargerResAt, "/system/etc/res/images/"));
// Test loading everything from /res
TEST(ChargerLoadAnimationRes, Legacy) {
ForkTest("legacy", std::bind(&ExpectChargerResAt, "/res/images/"));
// Test loading animation text from /res but images from /system if images does not exist under
// /res.
TEST(ChargerLoadAnimationRes, LegacyTextSystemImages) {
std::bind(&ExpectChargerResAt, "/system/etc/res/images/"));
// Test loading everything from /product
TEST(ChargerLoadAnimationRes, Product) {
ForkTest("product", std::bind(&ExpectChargerResAt, "/product/etc/res/images/"));
} // namespace android