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testdata/zoneinfo contains time-zone data files that may be used with CCTZ.
Install them in a location referenced by the ${TZDIR} environment variable.
Symbolic and hard links have been eliminated for portability.
On Linux systems the distribution's versions of these files can probably
already be found in the default ${TZDIR} location, /usr/share/zoneinfo.
New versions can be generated using the following shell script.
#!/bin/sh -
set -e
DESTDIR=$(mktemp -d)
trap "rm -fr ${DESTDIR}" 0 2 15
git clone
make --directory=tz \
install DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} \
DATAFORM=vanguard \
TZDIR=/zoneinfo \
REDO=posix_only \
tar --create --dereference --hard-dereference --file tzfile.tar \
--directory=tz tzfile.h
tar --create --dereference --hard-dereference --file zoneinfo.tar \
--exclude=zoneinfo/posixrules zoneinfo \
--directory=tz version
tar --extract --directory src --file ${DESTDIR}/tzfile.tar
tar --extract --directory testdata --file ${DESTDIR}/zoneinfo.tar
exit 0
To run the CCTZ tests using the testdata/zoneinfo files, execute:
bazel test --test_env=TZDIR=${PWD}/testdata/zoneinfo ...