Build Instructions

Instructions for building this repository.

git clone

cd Vulkan-Headers/

# Configure the project
cmake -S . -B build/

# Because Vulkan-Headers is header only we don't need to build anything.
# Users can install it where they need to.
cmake --install build --prefix build/install

See the official CMake documentation for more information.

Installed Files

The install target installs the following files under the directory indicated by install_dir:

  • install_dir/include/vulkan : The header files found in the include/vulkan directory of this repository
  • install_dir/share/cmake/VulkanHeaders: The CMake config files needed for find_package support
  • install_dir/share/vulkan/registry : The registry files found in the registry directory of this repository

Usage in CMake

find_package(VulkanHeaders REQUIRED CONFIG)

target_link_libraries(foobar PRIVATE Vulkan::Headers)

message(STATUS "Vulkan Headers Version: ${VulkanHeaders_VERSION}")