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Fuchsia samples using the Fuchsia SDK

This repository contains instructions and source code to build, package and run Fuchsia samples using only the Fuchsia SDK.

Set up and bootstrap the SDK samples repository

Clone this SDK samples repository on your host machine. This repository contains the Bazel-based Fuchsia SDK and sample components.

The tasks include:

  • Bootstrap the SDK samples repository.
  • Download the SDK toolchain to initialize the SDK environment.
  • Verify that you can run ffx commands.

Do the following:

  1. Open a terminal.

  2. In the terminal, change to your home directory:

  3. Clone the Fuchsia samples repository:

    git clone fuchsia-getting-started --recurse-submodules

    This git clone command creates a new directory named fuchsia-getting-started and clones the content of the SDK samples repository{:.external}.

  4. Go to the new directory:

    cd fuchsia-getting-started
  5. Run the bootstrap script to install Bazel and other required dependencies:

  6. Download the SDK toolchain:

    tools/bazel build @fuchsia_sdk//:fuchsia_toolchain_sdk

    This command may take a few minutes to download all the tools and dependencies, such as Clang{:.external} and Fuchsia IDK (which includes the ffx tool).

    When finished successfully, it prints output similar to the following:

    $ tools/bazel build @fuchsia_sdk//:fuchsia_toolchain_sdk
    INFO: Elapsed time: 25.063s, Critical Path: 0.03s
    INFO: 1 process: 1 internal.
    INFO: Build completed successfully, 1 total action
  7. To verify that you can use the ffx tool in your environment, run the following command:

    tools/ffx sdk version

    This command prints output similar to the following:

    $ tools/ffx sdk version

    At this point, you only need to confirm that you can run ffx commands without error.

    Note: The output above shows the version 11.20230109.3.1, which indicates that this SDK was built and published on January 9, 2023.