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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
// ZedbootCommand is a Command implementation for running the testing workflow on a device
// that boots with Zedboot.
type ZedbootCommand struct {
// ImageManifest is a path to an image manifest
imageManifest string
// Netboot tells botanist to netboot (and not to pave).
netboot bool
// ConfigFile is the path to a file containing the target config.
configFile string
// TestResultsDir is the directory on target to where test results will be written.
testResultsDir string
// SummaryFilename is the name of the test summary JSON file to be written to
// testResultsDir.
summaryFilename string
// FilePollInterval is the duration waited between checking for test summary file
// on the target to be written.
filePollInterval time.Duration
// OutputArchive is a path on host to where the tarball containing the test results
// will be output.
outputArchive string
// CmdlineFile is the path to a file of additional kernel command-line arguments.
cmdlineFile string
func (*ZedbootCommand) Name() string {
return "zedboot"
func (*ZedbootCommand) Usage() string {
return "zedboot [flags...] [kernel command-line arguments...]\n\nflags:\n"
func (*ZedbootCommand) Synopsis() string {
return "boots a Zedboot device and collects test results"
func (cmd *ZedbootCommand) SetFlags(f *flag.FlagSet) {
f.StringVar(&cmd.imageManifest, "images", "", "path to an image manifest")
f.BoolVar(&cmd.netboot, "netboot", false, "if set, botanist will not pave; but will netboot instead")
f.StringVar(&cmd.testResultsDir, "results-dir", "/test", "path on target to where test results will be written")
f.StringVar(&cmd.outputArchive, "out", "output.tar", "path on host to output tarball of test results")
f.StringVar(&cmd.summaryFilename, "summary-name", runtests.TestSummaryFilename, "name of the file in the test directory")
f.DurationVar(&cmd.filePollInterval, "poll-interval", 1*time.Minute, "time between checking for summary.json on the target")
f.StringVar(&cmd.configFile, "config", "", "path to file of device config")
f.StringVar(&cmd.cmdlineFile, "cmdline-file", "", "path to a file containing additional kernel command-line arguments")
func (cmd *ZedbootCommand) runTests(ctx context.Context, imgs build.Images, t tftp.Client, cmdlineArgs []string) error {
logger.Debugf(ctx, "waiting for %q\n", cmd.summaryFilename)
return runtests.PollForSummary(ctx, t, cmd.summaryFilename, cmd.testResultsDir, cmd.outputArchive, cmd.filePollInterval)
func (cmd *ZedbootCommand) execute(ctx context.Context, cmdlineArgs []string) error {
configs, err := target.LoadDeviceConfigs(cmd.configFile)
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("failed to load target config file %q", cmd.configFile)
opts := target.Options{
Netboot: cmd.netboot,
var devices []*target.DeviceTarget
for _, config := range configs {
device, err := target.NewDeviceTarget(ctx, config, opts)
if err != nil {
return err
devices = append(devices, device)
for _, device := range devices {
defer device.Restart(ctx)
imgs, err := build.LoadImages(cmd.imageManifest)
if err != nil {
return err
ctx, cancel := context.WithCancel(ctx)
defer cancel()
errs := make(chan error)
for _, device := range devices {
go func(device *target.DeviceTarget) {
if err := device.Start(ctx, imgs, cmdlineArgs); err != nil {
errs <- err
go func() {
// We execute tests here against the 0th device, there may be N devices
// in the test bed but all other devices are driven by the tests not
// the test runner.
errs <- cmd.runTests(ctx, imgs, devices[0].Tftp(), cmdlineArgs)
select {
case err := <-errs:
return err
case <-ctx.Done():
return nil
func (cmd *ZedbootCommand) Execute(ctx context.Context, f *flag.FlagSet, _ ...interface{}) subcommands.ExitStatus {
configFlag := f.Lookup("config")
logger.Debugf(ctx, "config flag: %v\n", configFlag.Value)
// Aggregate command-line arguments.
cmdlineArgs := f.Args()
if cmd.cmdlineFile != "" {
args, err := ioutil.ReadFile(cmd.cmdlineFile)
if err != nil {
logger.Errorf(ctx, "failed to read command-line args file %q: %v\n", cmd.cmdlineFile, err)
return subcommands.ExitFailure
cmdlineArgs = append(cmdlineArgs, strings.Split(string(args), "\n")...)
if err := cmd.execute(ctx, cmdlineArgs); err != nil {
logger.Errorf(ctx, "%v\n", err)
return subcommands.ExitFailure
return subcommands.ExitSuccess