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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use {
failure::{format_err, Error},
fuchsia_zircon as zx,
parking_lot::{Condvar, Mutex},
std::{fs::File, io::Read, sync::Arc, thread, time::Duration},
const WAIT_TIMEOUT_SEC: u64 = 10;
pub fn launch_test_component(
component_url: String,
args: Option<Vec<String>>,
) -> Result<client::App, Error> {
let launcher = client::launcher().expect("failed to connect to launcher");
client::launch(&launcher, component_url, args)
pub async fn launch_and_wait_for_msg(
component_url: String,
args: Option<Vec<String>>,
expected_msg: String,
) -> Result<(), Error> {
launch_and_wait_for_msg_with_extra_dirs(component_url, args, None, expected_msg).await
pub async fn launch_and_wait_for_msg_with_extra_dirs(
component_url: String,
args: Option<Vec<String>>,
dir_handles: Option<Vec<(String, zx::Handle)>>,
expected_msg: String,
) -> Result<(), Error> {
let (pipe, pipe_handle) = make_pipe();
let mut options = client::LaunchOptions::new();
if let Some(dir_handles) = dir_handles {
for dir in dir_handles {
options.add_handle_to_namespace(dir.0, dir.1);
let launcher = client::launcher().expect("failed to connect to launcher");
let _app = client::launch_with_options(&launcher, component_url, args, options)
.expect("component manager failed to launch");
read_from_pipe(pipe, expected_msg)
fn make_pipe() -> (std::fs::File, FileDescriptor) {
match fdio::pipe_half() {
Err(_) => panic!("failed to create pipe"),
Ok((pipe, handle)) => {
let pipe_handle = FileDescriptor {
type0: HandleType::FileDescriptor as i32,
type1: 0,
type2: 0,
handle0: Some(handle.into()),
handle1: None,
handle2: None,
(pipe, pipe_handle)
fn read_from_pipe(mut f: File, expected_msg: String) -> Result<(), Error> {
let pair = Arc::new((Mutex::new(Vec::new()), Condvar::new()));
// This uses a blocking std::file::File::read call, so we can't use async or the timeout below
// will never trigger since the read doesn't yield. Need to spawn a thread.
// TODO: Improve this to use async I/O and replace the thread with an async closure.
let pair = pair.clone();
let expected_msg = expected_msg.clone();
thread::spawn(move || {
let expected = expected_msg.as_bytes();
let mut buf = [0; 1024];
loop {
let n = buf).expect("failed to read pipe");
let (actual, cond) = &*pair;
let mut actual = actual.lock();
// If the read data equals expected message, return early; the test passed. Otherwise
// keep gathering data until the timeout is reached. This allows tests to print info
// about failed expectations, even though this is most often used with
// component_manager.cmx which doesn't exit (so we can't just get output on exit).
if &**actual == expected {
// parking_lot::Condvar has no spurious wakeups, yay!
let (actual, cond) = &*pair;
let mut actual = actual.lock();
if cond.wait_for(&mut actual, Duration::from_secs(WAIT_TIMEOUT_SEC)).timed_out() {
let actual_msg = String::from_utf8(actual.clone())
.map(|v| format!("'{}'", v))
.unwrap_or(format!("{:?}", actual));
return Err(format_err!(
"Timed out waiting for matching output\n\
Expected: '{}'\n\
Actual: {}",