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component manager

Reviewed on: 2019-07-12

Component manager is the program which runs and manages v2 components. More about what components are, what semantics they provide, and how to use them is available here.


Component manager should be included in all builds of Fuchsia, but if missing can be added to builds by including --with //src/sys/component_manager to the fx set invocation.

Faster builds

Rust optimizations (and, in particular, link time optimizations) require a significant amount of time, causing slow builds. For faster local development, adding the following arguments to your fx set line will significantly reduce build times by disabling optimizations:

fx set ... --args rust_override_opt='"0"' --args rust_override_lto='"none"'


Component manager runs by default on all Fuchsia builds.


Unit tests for component manager are available in the component_manager_tests package.

$ fx run-test component_manager_tests

Integration tests are also available in the following packages:

  • hub_integration_test
  • storage_integration_test
  • routing_integration_test
  • elf_runner_test
  • no_pkg_resolver_test

Source layout

The entrypoint is located in src/, and the core model implementation is under src/model/. Unit tests are co-located with the code, with the exception of src/model/ which has unit tests in src/model/tests/. Integration tests live in tests/.