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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#![cfg(target_os = "fuchsia")]
use {
freetype_ffi::{FT_Stream, FT_StreamRec},
fuchsia_zircon as zx,
libc::{c_uchar, c_ulong, c_void},
std::{cmp, ptr, slice},
struct VmoStreamInternal {
vmo: zx::Vmo,
stream_rec: FT_StreamRec,
impl VmoStreamInternal {
/// Caller must ensure that the returned FT_Stream is not used after VmoStream is dropped.
unsafe fn ft_stream(&self) -> FT_Stream {
&self.stream_rec as FT_Stream
fn read(&mut self, offset: u64, read_buffer: &mut [u8]) -> u64 {
if read_buffer.len() == 0 || offset >= self.stream_rec.size as u64 {
return 0;
let read_size = cmp::min(read_buffer.len(), (self.stream_rec.size - offset) as usize);
match read_buffer[..read_size], offset) {
Ok(_) => read_size as u64,
Err(err) => {
println!("Error when reading from font VMO: {:?}", err);
// Unsafe callback called by freetype to read from the stream.
unsafe extern "C" fn read_func(
stream: FT_Stream,
offset: c_ulong,
buffer: *mut c_uchar,
count: c_ulong,
) -> c_ulong {
let wrapper = &mut *((*stream).descriptor as *mut VmoStreamInternal);
let buffer_slice = slice::from_raw_parts_mut(buffer as *mut u8, count as usize); as u64, buffer_slice) as c_ulong
extern "C" fn close_func(_stream: FT_Stream) {
// No-op. Stream will be closed when the VmoStream is dropped.
/// Implements FT_Stream for a VMO.
pub(crate) struct VmoStream {
/// VmoStreamInternal needs to be boxed to ensure that it's not moved. This allows to set
/// `stream_rec.descriptor` to point to the containing `VmoStreamInternal` instance.
internal: Box<VmoStreamInternal>,
impl VmoStream {
pub fn new(vmo: zx::Vmo, vmo_size: usize) -> Result<VmoStream, Error> {
let mut internal = Box::new(VmoStreamInternal {
stream_rec: FT_StreamRec {
base: ptr::null(),
size: vmo_size as c_ulong,
pos: 0,
descriptor: ptr::null_mut(),
pathname: ptr::null_mut(),
read: VmoStreamInternal::read_func,
close: VmoStreamInternal::close_func,
memory: ptr::null_mut(),
cursor: ptr::null_mut(),
limit: ptr::null_mut(),
internal.stream_rec.descriptor = &mut *internal as *mut VmoStreamInternal as *mut c_void;
Ok(VmoStream { internal })
/// Unsafe to call FreeType FFI.
/// Caller must ensure that the returned `FT_Stream` is not used after `VmoStream` is dropped.
pub unsafe fn ft_stream(&self) -> FT_Stream {
impl FTStreamProvider for VmoStream {
/// Unsafe to call FreeType FFI.
/// Caller must ensure that the returned `FT_Stream` is not used after `VmoStream` is dropped.
unsafe fn ft_stream(&self) -> FT_Stream {