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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <fuchsia/boot/c/fidl.h>
#include <fuchsia/ldsvc/llcpp/fidl.h>
#include <lib/zx/vmo.h>
#include "boot-args.h"
#include "coordinator.h"
#include "fdio.h"
constexpr char kItemsPath[] = "/svc/" fuchsia_boot_Items_Name;
zx_status_t wait_for_file(const char* path, zx::time deadline);
zx_status_t get_ramdisk(zx::vmo* ramdisk_vmo);
class SystemInstance : public devmgr::FsProvider {
struct ServiceStarterArgs {
SystemInstance* instance;
devmgr::Coordinator* coordinator;
// Implementation required to implement devmgr::FsProvider
zx::channel CloneFs(const char* path) override;
// The heart of the public API, in the order that things get called during
// startup.
zx_status_t CreateSvcJob(const zx::job& root_job);
zx_status_t CreateFuchsiaJob(const zx::job& root_job);
zx_status_t PrepareChannels();
zx_status_t StartSvchost(const zx::job& root_job, bool require_system,
devmgr::Coordinator* coordinator, zx::channel fshost_client);
zx_status_t ReuseExistingSvchost();
void devmgr_vfs_init(devmgr::Coordinator* coordinator, const devmgr::DevmgrArgs& devmgr_args,
zx::channel fshost_server);
// Thread entry point
static int pwrbtn_monitor_starter(void* arg);
int PwrbtnMonitorStarter(devmgr::Coordinator* coordinator);
void start_console_shell(const devmgr::BootArgs& boot_args);
int ConsoleStarter(const devmgr::BootArgs* arg);
// Thread entry point
static int service_starter(void* arg);
int ServiceStarter(devmgr::Coordinator* coordinator);
int FuchsiaStarter(devmgr::Coordinator* coordinator);
// TODO(ZX-4860): DEPRECATED. Do not add new dependencies on the fshost loader service!
zx_status_t clone_fshost_ldsvc(zx::channel* loader);
// Protected constructor for SystemInstance that allows injecting a filesystem root, primarily for
// use in unit tests.
explicit SystemInstance(zx::channel fs_root);
// Private helper functions.
void do_autorun(const char* name, const char* cmd, const zx::resource& root_resource);
void fshost_start(devmgr::Coordinator* coordinator, const devmgr::DevmgrArgs& devmgr_args,
zx::channel fshost_server);
// The handle used to transmit messages to appmgr.
zx::channel appmgr_client_;
// The handle used by appmgr to serve incoming requests.
// If appmgr cannot be launched within a timeout, this handle is closed.
zx::channel appmgr_server_;
// The handle used to transmit messages to miscsvc.
zx::channel miscsvc_client_;
// The handle used by miscsvc to serve incoming requests.
zx::channel miscsvc_server_;
// The handle used to transmit messages to device_name_provider.
zx::channel device_name_provider_client_;
// The handle used by device_name_provider to serve incoming requests.
zx::channel device_name_provider_server_;
// The outgoing (exposed) connection to the svchost.
zx::channel svchost_outgoing_;
// Handle to the loader service hosted in fshost, which allows loading from /boot and /system
// rather than specific packages.
// This isn't actually "optional", it's just initialized later.
// TODO(ZX-4860): Delete this once all dependencies have been removed.
fit::optional<llcpp::fuchsia::ldsvc::Loader::SyncClient> fshost_ldsvc_;
// The root of the filesystem host.
zx::channel fs_root_;
// The job in which we run "svc" realm services, like svchost, fshost,
// miscsvc, netsvc, the consoles, autorun, and others.
zx::job svc_job_;
// The job in which we run appmgr.
zx::job fuchsia_job_;
// Used to bind the svchost to the virtual-console binary to provide fidl
// services.
zx::channel virtcon_fidl_;
devmgr::DevmgrLauncher launcher_;