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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <zxtest/zxtest.h>
#include "coordinator-test-utils.h"
struct DeviceState {
// The representation in the coordinator of the device
fbl::RefPtr<devmgr::Device> device;
// The remote end of the channel that the coordinator is talking to
zx::channel remote;
class MultipleDeviceTestCase : public zxtest::Test {
~MultipleDeviceTestCase() override = default;
async::Loop* coordinator_loop() { return &coordinator_loop_; }
bool coordinator_loop_thread_running() { return coordinator_loop_thread_running_; }
void set_coordinator_loop_thread_running(bool value) { coordinator_loop_thread_running_ = value; }
devmgr::Coordinator* coordinator() { return &coordinator_; }
devmgr::Devhost* devhost() { return &devhost_; }
const zx::channel& devhost_remote() { return devhost_remote_; }
const fbl::RefPtr<devmgr::Device>& platform_bus() const { return platform_bus_.device; }
const zx::channel& platform_bus_remote() const { return platform_bus_.remote; }
DeviceState* device(size_t index) const { return &devices_[index]; }
void AddDevice(const fbl::RefPtr<devmgr::Device>& parent, const char* name, uint32_t protocol_id,
fbl::String driver, size_t* device_index);
void RemoveDevice(size_t device_index);
bool DeviceHasPendingMessages(size_t device_index);
bool DeviceHasPendingMessages(const zx::channel& remote);
void DoSuspend(uint32_t flags);
void DoSuspend(uint32_t flags, fit::function<void(uint32_t)> suspend_cb);
void DoResume(SystemPowerState target_state);
void DoResume(SystemPowerState target_state, fit::function<void(SystemPowerState)> resume_cb);
void CheckUnbindReceived(const zx::channel& remote);
void SendUnbindReply(const zx::channel& remote);
void CheckUnbindReceivedAndReply(const zx::channel& remote);
void CheckRemoveReceived(const zx::channel& remote);
void SendRemoveReply(const zx::channel& remote);
void CheckRemoveReceivedAndReply(const zx::channel& remote);
void CheckSuspendReceived(const zx::channel& remote, uint32_t expected_flags);
void SendSuspendReply(const zx::channel& remote, zx_status_t return_status);
void CheckSuspendReceived(const zx::channel& remote, uint32_t expected_flags,
zx_status_t return_status);
void CheckCreateDeviceReceived(const zx::channel& remote, const char* expected_driver,
zx::channel* device_remote);
void CheckResumeReceived(const zx::channel& remote, SystemPowerState target_state);
void SendResumeReply(const zx::channel& remote, zx_status_t return_status);
void CheckResumeReceived(const zx::channel& remote, SystemPowerState target_state,
zx_status_t return_status);
void SetUp() override;
void TearDown() override;
// The fake devhost that the platform bus is put into
devmgr::Devhost devhost_;
// The remote end of the channel that the coordinator uses to talk to the
// devhost
zx::channel devhost_remote_;
// The remote end of the channel that the coordinator uses to talk to the
// sys device proxy
zx::channel sys_proxy_remote_;
// The device object representing the platform bus driver (child of the
// sys proxy)
DeviceState platform_bus_;
// These should be listed after devhost/sys_proxy as it needs to be
// destroyed before them.
async::Loop coordinator_loop_{&kAsyncLoopConfigNoAttachToCurrentThread};
bool coordinator_loop_thread_running_ = false;
devmgr::BootArgs boot_args_;
devmgr::Coordinator coordinator_{DefaultConfig(coordinator_loop_.dispatcher(), &boot_args_)};
// A list of all devices that were added during this test, and their
// channels. These exist to keep them alive until the test is over.
fbl::Vector<DeviceState> devices_;