Revert "[sysmem][optee] sysmem support for VDEC secure mem"

This reverts commit 9f6e228b12a9a8b7d8f4dca3c420e01d02fd5749.

Reason for revert: This appears to be blocking global integration.

Original change's description:
> [sysmem][optee] sysmem support for VDEC secure mem
> Some of this is based on jbauman@'s sysmem-assistant, which is now
> removed in favor of this mechanism.
> Exchange secure memory ranges between sysmem and TEE Controller,
> including the VDEC range.
> Create a paged heap for the VDEC range and serve that as a heap from
> sysmem.
> Test that a VDEC BufferCollection works, on astro and sherlock.
> In the TEE Controller part of this, we use the TEEC_* client API in
> loopback for consistency with other TEE client code.  Also, this should
> make it easier to move this code in future if we decide we prefer to
> serve fuchsia::sysmem::Tee from somewhere else.
> Change-Id: Ie029bd0f8f0edb66d84ca82d657497c442a25c2e,,,,,

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