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Hello World Example

The Hello, World sample introduces a Fuchsia component that prints “Hello, world” messages to the system log. The file contains rules that demonstrate building a single binar with shared and static libraries as dependencies.

Source layout

  • Main entrypoint for the component binary
  • hello_shared: Shared library exposing functions to retrieve a greeting
  • hello_static: Static library exposing functions to retrieve a greeting

Before you begin

  1. Start a FEMU instance:

    $ ./third_party/fuchsia-sdk/bin/ -N
  2. Start a local package repository instance:

    $ ./third_party/fuchsia-sdk/bin/ --image qemu-x64

Build the sample

  1. Run the build script to compile and package the sample:

    $ ./scripts/
  2. Publish the FAR package to your local package repository:

    $ ./third_party/fuchsia-sdk/bin/ out/x64/hello_world.far

Run the sample

  1. Launch the sample component using ffx component run. This resolves the component from the package repository and starts it:

    $ ffx component run fuchsia-pkg://
  2. View the greeting messages in the system log using ffx target log:

    $ ffx target log watch
    [hello_world][I] pthreads: hello
    [hello_world][I] Hello, world
    [hello_world][I] cppthreads: hello