Configuration information for assembling system images

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  1. b689d99 Refer to the version of packages.gni under //build. by P.Y. Laligand · 8 months ago master
  2. ac0c08b Support building disk images instead of bootfs by James Tucker · 8 months ago
  3. b136997 Use //build/ to invoke far by Roland McGrath · 8 months ago
  4. 2096a74 Replace zircon_project with zircon_platforms by Roland McGrath · 8 months ago
  5. ccd2da4 Support kernel_cmdline_file GN build argument by Roland McGrath · 8 months ago


Fuchsia package repository contains files needed to build all official packages which are part of Fuchsia operating system (but not the packages themselves nor the source files of the software).

See Build Overview > Modules for more discussion of packages and modules.