Configuration information for assembling system images

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  1. 0b9fd26 Add wlan unittests to wlan_tests by Tim Kilbourn · 6 days ago master
  2. 81353fa Add web_view (based on prebuilt webkit) to default build set by James Robinson · 32 hours ago
  3. cad5403 Add rust_ledger_example binary to rust package by Tristan Hume · 32 hours ago
  4. 431ef56 Fix whitespace in maxwell gn file by Asela Gunawardana · 35 hours ago
  5. d7aa88c Revert conversion of icu_data to a package by James Robinson · 36 hours ago


Fuchsia package repository contains files needed to build all official packages which are part of Fuchsia operating system (but not the packages themselves nor the source files of the software).