Releasing Instructions

This document describes steps to follow when releasing a new version of Mundane.

  1. Update boringssl/
  • Update the link attribute at the top of the file to be of the form #[link(name = crypto_x_y_z)], where the version to be released is x.y.z. where x.y.z is the vers
  • Update the link_name attributes - each attribute should be of the form #[link_name = "__RUST_MUNDANE_X_Y_Z_SYMBOL_NAME"], where the version to be released is version X.Y.Z, and SYMBOL_NAME is the name of the symbol that the link_name attribute is attached to.
  1. Run the boringssl/ script, and ensure that it passes.
  2. Make sure cargo test --all-features passes.
  3. Update the version number in Cargo.toml.
  4. Update - move any unreleased changes into a new section for the new version.
  5. Dry run by running cargo publish --dry-run --allow-dirty.
  6. Commit the changes.
  7. Once the changes have been committed, publish by running cargo publish.