A library that provides basic, Fuchsia-specific C++ utilities

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  1. e4ab183 Update references to FTL and FIDL by Adam Barth · 3 months ago master
  2. 429cccd Depend on libasync gn target. by Jeff Brown · 3 months ago
  3. 831d0f6 Disable hanging test by Brian Goldman · 3 months ago
  4. 69cc3f9 Re-land unittests by Adam Barth · 3 months ago
  5. 625bfdc Link specifically against :libasync.a instead of just -lasync by James Robinson · 3 months ago

Magenta Template Library

A library containing C++ utilities for working with Magenta.

This library builds only for target platforms (i.e., Fuchsia) and can depend on the Magenta system APIs. This library is not source or binary stable.