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Status: Experimental

This is a Rust backed TODO application that uses Flutter for it's front-end UI.

  • agents:
    • content_provider: Rust based conent provider that stores todos in the Ledger (currently it is only a very simple “hello world” binary).
  • modules:
    • story: The top level story UI (Flutter).


  • [ ] Use Magenta Rust APIs in the content provider.
  • [ ] Use Modular Agent APIs in the content provider.
  • [ ] Launch the content provider from todo_story.
  • [ ] Connect the content provider to the Ledger.
  • [ ] Create a beautiful UI.


Make sure to setup a jiri root according to the Fuchsia getting started doc. Instruction here assume usage:

source $FUCHSIA_DIR/scrips/


  1. Install rustup.
  • Install the latest stable rustc:

  • Setup a (temporary) custom clang_wrapper:

    export RUST_TOOLS=${FUCHSIA_DIR}/rust/magenta-rs/tools cd $RUST_TOOLS clang++ -O --std=c++11 -o clang_wrapper ln -s clang_wrapper x86_64-unknown-fuchsia-cc


An optional build target for “todo” lives in //packages/gn/todo. It can be used via fset

fset x86-64 --modules default,todo --release

To build the system run:

# Or use the default `make` task.


# Or use `make run`.
netruncmd : "device_runner \
  --device_shell=dev_device_shell \
  --user_shell=dev_user_shell \

Helpful Tasks

The Makefile includes some common tasks, explore them with make help.