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Fuchsia Build Status Dashboard

Simple Flutter module to display the Fuchsia build status. This can be built both as an iOS/Android stand-alone Flutter application, or as a module for Fuchsia.

How to use in a Fuchsia build as a Module

  1. cd $SRC/third_party
  2. git clone
  3. cp $SRC/third_party/fuchsia_build_status/misc_build_files/fuchsia_build_status $SRC/packages/gn/
  4. Modify $SRC/packages/gn/default adding "fuchsia_build_status" to the “imports” section:

"imports": [ "fonts", "fortune", "ftl", "fuchsia_build_status", "gdb_server",
  1. Build Fuchsia.
  2. Run Fuchsia.
  3. On the Fuchsia console: device_runner --user_shell=dev_user_shell --user_shell_args=--root_module=fuchsia_build_status

How to self-boot into the dashboard

  1. cp $SRC/third_party/fuchsia_build_status/misc_build_files/boot_dashboard $SRC/packages/gn/

  2. packages/gn/ -m boot_dashboard

How to build for iOS, Android

  1. cd $SRC
  2. flutter run