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  1. b0eba02 Update gn paths for Mozart move by Adam Barth · 2 months ago master
  2. ec4d634 Remove Module.Stop, use Lifecycle.Terminate instead by Vardhan Mudunuru · 2 months ago
  3. 0588e0a Rename mxtl to fbl by George Kulakowski · 2 months ago
  4. 7ac4732 Inject ApplicationContext into services rather than calling CreateFromStartupInfo directly by Adam MacBeth · 2 months ago
  5. 1e64ee0 apps/media: MTWN-24 fix a race in FidlPacketProducer by Dale Sather · 3 months ago

Fuchsia Media

Fuchsia Media (aka “Motown”) provides playback and other media capabilities exposed in the form of fidl services.