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Fuchsia Maxwell

Services to expose ambient and task-related context, suggestions and infrastructure for leveraging MI.


Before running, follow the instructions at the Fuchsia README.

Maxwell services are launched by Modular on startup with the default build module.

Fuchsia Intelligence Dashboard

Maxwell serves a diagnostic dashboard on port 4000. To access it on most Fuchsia development setups (including EdgeRouter and QEMU), watch the startup logs for the DHCP announcement. Point your browser to port 4000 of that IP after logging into Fuchsia.

At present, the dashboard includes a context dump. More features to follow.


To run the Maxwell integration tests in a running Fuchsia environment:

@ /system/test/maxwell/integration

A spurious error like

[ERROR:apps/modular/src/component_manager/] Error from network service connection

may appear due to the tests not running with networking wired in; it is immaterial to the test.


Kronk is the Assistant agent. It is built out-of-tree and deployed to a Google Cloud bucket. Normally, Maxwell launches the stable release version of this agent. For development, set the following in your fgen to use the HEAD unstable version:

fgen --args kronk_dev=true

(and then rebuild)

Other Docs