[infra] Remove depot_tools from infra manifest

We use our own versions of prebuilts like lucicfg and vpython rather
than using Chromium's depot_tools versions, and ~never need to make
depot_tools modifications, so it's not necessary to include depot_tools
in an infra checkout.

It's also confusing to include depot_tools results when running grep
from the root of an infra checkout, since the depot_tools repo contains
some recipes that can easily be mistaken for our own fuchsia recipes.

I assume the original reason for including depot_tools in the infra
checkout was to permit access to lucicfg and other executables, but I
can't say for sure because the CL that added the dependency doesn't
provide any motivation: http://fxrev.dev/302149

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Fuchsia Manifest

Contains the jiri manifests for Fuchsia. (Looking for Fuchsia getting started docs you swear used to be here? Some things moved to the fuchsia repository.)

To test local manifest changes see Jiri local update