Process Object


process - Process abstraction


A magenta process is an instance of a program in the traditional sense: a set of instructions which will be executed by one or more threads.


The process object is a container of the following resources:

In general, it is associated with code which it is executing until it is forcefully terminated or the program exits.

Processes are owned by jobs and allow an application that is composed by more than one process to be threated as a single entity, from the perspective of resource and permission limits, as well as lifetime control.


A process is created via sys_process_create() which take no parameters. The process starts destruction when main thread terminates or the last handle is closed. [⚠ not implemented].

Next, the main binary is loaded into the process via sys_process_load() and its execution begins with sys_process_start().


process_create, process_start, process_map_vm, process_unmap_vm, process_protect_vm, job_create.