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// Copyright 2017 The Fuchsia Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
#pragma once
#if ARCH_ARM64
#include <arch/arm64/hypervisor.h>
#if ARCH_X86_64
#include <arch/x86/hypervisor.h>
#include <magenta/compiler.h>
#include <magenta/types.h>
#include <mxtl/ref_ptr.h>
#include <mxtl/unique_ptr.h>
typedef struct mx_guest_gpr mx_guest_gpr_t;
class FifoDispatcher;
class VmObject;
/* Create a hypervisor context.
* This setups up the CPUs to allow a hypervisor to be run.
status_t arch_hypervisor_create(mxtl::unique_ptr<HypervisorContext>* context);
/* Create a guest context.
* This creates the structures to allow a guest to be run.
status_t arch_guest_create(HypervisorContext* hypervisor,
mxtl::RefPtr<VmObject> phys_mem,
mxtl::RefPtr<FifoDispatcher> ctl_fifo,
mxtl::unique_ptr<GuestContext>* context);
/* Enter a guest context.
status_t arch_guest_enter(const mxtl::unique_ptr<GuestContext>& context);
/* Create a guest context.
status_t arch_guest_mem_trap(const mxtl::unique_ptr<GuestContext>& context, vaddr_t guest_paddr,
size_t size);
/* Interrupt a guest context.
status_t arch_guest_interrupt(const mxtl::unique_ptr<GuestContext>& context, uint8_t interrupt);
/* Set general purpose registers of a guest context.
status_t arch_guest_set_gpr(const mxtl::unique_ptr<GuestContext>& context,
const mx_guest_gpr_t& guest_gpr);
/* Get general purpose registers of a guest context.
status_t arch_guest_get_gpr(const mxtl::unique_ptr<GuestContext>& context,
mx_guest_gpr_t* guest_gpr);
/* Set the instruction pointer of a guest context.
status_t arch_guest_set_ip(const mxtl::unique_ptr<GuestContext>& context, uintptr_t guest_ip);