Building Jiri


  • cmake 3.7.2
  • golang 1.7.3
  • ninja 1.7.2
  • git 2.7.4

Get source

Using jiri prebuilt

This method only works with linux (x86_64 and aarch64 ) and darwin (x86_64) systems. The bootstrap procedure requires that you have Go 1.6 or newer and Git installed and on your PATH. Below command will create checkout in new folder called fuchsia.

curl -s | bash -s fuchsia
cd fuchsia
export PATH=`pwd`/.jiri_root/bin:$PATH
jiri import jiri
jiri update


Create a root folder called fuchsia, then use git to manually clone each of the projects mentioned in this manifest, put them in correct paths and checkout required revisions. HEAD should be on origin/master where no revision is mentioned in manifest.


Set GOPATH to fuchsia/go, cd into fuchsia/go/src/ and run


The above command should build jiri and put it into your jiri repo root.

Running the tests

To run jiri's tests, run the following from the fuchsia/go directory:

export GOPATH=$(pwd)
go test $(go list 2>/dev/null | grep -v /jiri/vendor/)

(The use of grep here excludes tests from packages below src/ which don't pass.)

Known Issues

If build complains about undefined http_parser_* functions, please remove http_parser from your library path.