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// Copyright 2015 The Vanadium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
var (
gcFlag bool
localManifestFlag bool
attemptsFlag uint
autoupdateFlag bool
forceAutoupdateFlag bool
rebaseUntrackedFlag bool
hookTimeoutFlag uint
fetchPkgsTimeoutFlag uint
rebaseAllFlag bool
rebaseCurrentFlag bool
rebaseTrackedFlag bool
runHooksFlag bool
fetchPkgsFlag bool
overrideOptionalFlag bool
const (
MIN_EXECUTION_TIMING_THRESHOLD time.Duration = time.Duration(30) * time.Minute // 30 min
MAX_EXECUTION_TIMING_THRESHOLD time.Duration = time.Duration(2) * time.Hour * 24 * 14 // 2 weeks
func init() {
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&gcFlag, "gc", false, "Garbage collect obsolete repositories.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&localManifestFlag, "local-manifest", false, "Use local manifest")
cmdUpdate.Flags.UintVar(&attemptsFlag, "attempts", 3, "Number of attempts before failing.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&autoupdateFlag, "autoupdate", true, "Automatically update to the new version.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&forceAutoupdateFlag, "force-autoupdate", false, "Always update to the current version.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&rebaseUntrackedFlag, "rebase-untracked", false, "Rebase untracked branches onto HEAD.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.UintVar(&hookTimeoutFlag, "hook-timeout", project.DefaultHookTimeout, "Timeout in minutes for running the hooks operation.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.UintVar(&fetchPkgsTimeoutFlag, "fetch-packages-timeout", project.DefaultPackageTimeout, "Timeout in minutes for fetching prebuilt packages using cipd.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&rebaseAllFlag, "rebase-all", false, "Rebase all tracked branches. Also rebase all untracked branches if -rebase-untracked is passed")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&rebaseCurrentFlag, "rebase-current", false, "Deprecated. Implies -rebase-tracked. Would be removed in future.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&rebaseTrackedFlag, "rebase-tracked", false, "Rebase current tracked branches instead of fast-forwarding them.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&runHooksFlag, "run-hooks", true, "Run hooks after updating sources.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&fetchPkgsFlag, "fetch-packages", true, "Use cipd to fetch packages.")
cmdUpdate.Flags.BoolVar(&overrideOptionalFlag, "override-optional", false, "Override existing optional attributes in the snapshot file with current jiri settings")
// cmdUpdate represents the "jiri update" command.
var cmdUpdate = &cmdline.Command{
Runner: jiri.RunnerFunc(runUpdate),
Name: "update",
Short: "Update all jiri projects",
Long: `
Updates all projects. The sequence in which the individual updates happen
guarantees that we end up with a consistent workspace. The set of projects
to update is described in the manifest.
Run "jiri help manifest" for details on manifests.
ArgsName: "<file or url>",
ArgsLong: "<file or url> points to snapshot to checkout.",
func runUpdate(jirix *jiri.X, args []string) error {
if len(args) > 1 {
return jirix.UsageErrorf("unexpected number of arguments")
if attemptsFlag < 1 {
return jirix.UsageErrorf("Number of attempts should be >= 1")
jirix.Attempts = attemptsFlag
if autoupdateFlag {
// Try to update Jiri itself.
if err := retry.Function(jirix, func() error {
return jiri.UpdateAndExecute(forceAutoupdateFlag)
}, fmt.Sprintf("download jiri binary"), retry.AttemptsOpt(jirix.Attempts)); err != nil {
fmt.Printf("warning: automatic update failed: %v\n", err)
if rebaseCurrentFlag {
jirix.Logger.Warningf("Flag -rebase-current has been deprecated, please use -rebase-tracked.\n\n")
rebaseTrackedFlag = true
if len(args) > 0 {
jirix.OverrideOptional = overrideOptionalFlag
if err := project.CheckoutSnapshot(jirix, args[0], gcFlag, runHooksFlag, fetchPkgsFlag, hookTimeoutFlag, fetchPkgsTimeoutFlag); err != nil {
return err
} else {
lastSnapshot := jirix.UpdateHistoryLatestLink()
duration := time.Duration(0)
if info, err := os.Stat(lastSnapshot); err == nil {
duration = time.Since(info.ModTime())
duration = time.Duration(0)
err := project.UpdateUniverse(jirix, gcFlag, localManifestFlag,
rebaseTrackedFlag, rebaseUntrackedFlag, rebaseAllFlag, runHooksFlag, fetchPkgsFlag, hookTimeoutFlag, fetchPkgsTimeoutFlag)
if err2 := project.WriteUpdateHistorySnapshot(jirix, nil, nil, localManifestFlag); err2 != nil {
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("while updating: %s, while writing history: %s", err, err2)
return fmt.Errorf("while writing history: %s", err2)
if err != nil {
return err
// Only track on successful update
if duration.Nanoseconds() > 0 {
jirix.AnalyticsSession.AddCommandExecutionTiming("update", duration)
if jirix.Failures() != 0 {
return fmt.Errorf("Project update completed with non-fatal errors")
if err := project.WriteUpdateHistoryLog(jirix); err != nil {
jirix.Logger.Errorf("Failed to save jiri logs: %v", err)
return nil