How Do I

rebase current tracked branch instead of fast-forwarding it

jiri update -rebase-tracked

rebase all my branches

Run jiri update -rebase-all. This will not rebase un-tracked branches.

rebase my untracked branches

Run jiri update -rebase-untracked to rebase your current un-tracked branch. To rebase all un-tracked branches use jiri update -rebase-all -rebase-untracked.

test my local manifest changes

jiri update -local-manifest

stop jiri from updating my project

Use jiri project-config. See this for it's intended behavior. Current config can be displayed using command jiri project-config. To change a config use

jiri project-config [-flag=true|false]

where flags are -ignore, no-rebase, no-update

check if all my projects are on JIRI_HEAD

Run jiri status for that. This command returns all projects which are not on JIRI_HEAD, or have un-merged commits, or have un-committed changes.

To just get projects which are not on JIRI_HEAD run

jiri status -changes=false -commits=false

run a command inside all my projects

jiri runp [command]

grep across projects

Run jiri grep [text]. Run jiri help grep to see supported flags.

Run hooks without updating sources

jiri run-hooks

Set hook timeout

jiri update -hook-timeout=<minutes> or jiri run-hooks -hook-timeout=<minutes>

delete branch across projects

Run jiri branch -d [branch_name], this will run git branch -d [branch_name] in all the projects. -D can also be used to replicate functionality of git branch -D.

delete merged branches

jiri branch -delete-merged

delete merged branches with different commits

Run jiri branch -delete-merged-cl. This will check gerrit and delete all those branches whose commits have been submitted, by matching gerrit change list ID. Use this with caution.

get projects and branches other than main

jiri branch

find difference between two snapshots

Run jiri diff <old_snapshot> <new_snapshot>. old_snapshot and new_snapshot can be file paths or urls.

download whole gerrit topic

jiri patch -topic <topic>

update jiri without updating projects

jiri selfupdate

use upload to push CL

See This

get JIRI_HEAD revision of a project

git rev-parse JIRI_HEAD from inside the project.

get current revision of a project

jiri project [project-name]

clean project(s)

Run jiri project [-clean|clean-all] [project-name]. See it's intended behaviour.

get help

Run jiri help to see all the commands and jiri help [command] to get help for that command.

To provide feedback see this.