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  1. d63e4e2 [autogardener] Include dev data in blamelist analysis by Oliver Newman · 25 hours ago main master
  2. 99c5365 [gcs-util] Add namespace prefix iff not already set by Anthony Fandrianto · 25 hours ago
  3. 429585c [inclusivity] s/master/main by Oliver Newman · 26 hours ago
  4. 1deee54 [gcs-util] Allow soft-transition to client passing builds/<namespace> by Anthony Fandrianto · 28 hours ago
  5. dd8defc [gcs-util] Only sign artifacts if pkey is provided by Anthony Fandrianto · 3 days ago


This repo contains tools and config files necessary to run infrastructure related to builds, code review, version control, and continuous integrations.