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  4. base/
  5. build_linux/
  7. escher.h
  9. escher_process_init.h
  10. flib/
  11. forward_declarations.h
  12. fs/
  13. geometry/
  14. hmd/
  15. impl/
  16. material/
  17. math/
  18. profiling/
  19. renderer/
  20. resources/
  21. scene/
  22. scripts/
  23. shape/
  24. status.h
  25. test/
  26. third_party/
  27. util/
  28. vk/


Escher is a physically based renderer.


  • Volumetric soft shadows
  • Color bleeding
  • Light diffusion
  • Lens effect

Building for Fuchsia

Escher is part of the default Fuchsia build. The “waterfall” demo is installed as system/bin/waterfall.

Building for Linux

Escher can also build on Linux. In order to do so, you need to:

  • add the Jiri “escher_linux_dev” manifest, then Jiri update
    jiri import escher_linux_dev
    jiri update
  • install build dependencies
    sudo apt install libxinerama-dev libxrandr-dev libxcursor-dev libx11-xcb-dev libx11-dev mesa_common_dev
  • install a GPU driver that supports Vulkan
  • install the LunarG Vulkan SDK (installed into third_party/vulkansdk when Escher is pulled down by jiri as a part of Fuchsia)
  • set the VULKAN_SDK, VK_LAYER_PATH, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables, e.g.:
    export VULKAN_SDK=$FUCHSIA_DIR/garnet/public/lib/escher/third_party/vulkansdk/x86_64
    export VK_LAYER_PATH=$VULKAN_SDK/etc/explicit_layer.d
  • specify that you want to build only the Escher module, for Linux:
    fx set x64  --packages garnet/packages/experimental/examples_escher_linux,garnet/packages/experimental/tests_escher_linux,garnet/packages/examples/fidl
    • See $FUCHSIA_DIR/docs/ for how to set up the fx tool.
    • cobalt_client shouldn't be necessary; it only is due to a bug where the build system expects there to be a non-empty system image.
    • NOTE!! These commands may conflict with the Vulkan SDK on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. It is probably best to run these commands in one terminal window, then switch to another and setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH before Building and running.
  • Do this once only: fx full-build
    • Note: you can exit via Ctrl-C once Zircon is finished building.
  • BUILD!! AND RUN!!!
    buildtools/ninja -C out/release-x64/ && out/release-x64/host_x64/waterfall