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# zx_object_wait_one
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Wait for signals on an object.
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#include <zircon/syscalls.h>
zx_status_t zx_object_wait_one(zx_handle_t handle,
zx_signals_t signals,
zx_time_t deadline,
zx_signals_t* observed);
`zx_object_wait_one()` is a blocking syscall which causes the caller to
wait until either the *deadline* passes or the object to which *handle* refers
asserts at least one of the specified *signals*. If the object is already
asserting at least one of the specified *signals*, the wait ends immediately.
Upon return, if non-NULL, *observed* is a bitmap of *all* of the
signals which were observed asserted on that object while waiting.
The *observed* signals may not reflect the actual state of the object's
signals if the state of the object was modified by another thread or
process. (For example, a Channel ceases asserting **ZX_CHANNEL_READABLE**
once the last message in its queue is read).
The *deadline* parameter specifies a deadline with respect to
**ZX_CLOCK_MONOTONIC** and will be automatically adjusted according to the job's
[timer slack] policy. **ZX_TIME_INFINITE** is a special value meaning wait
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*handle* must have **ZX_RIGHT_WAIT**.
`zx_object_wait_one()` returns **ZX_OK** if any of *signals* were observed
on the object before *deadline* passes.
In the event of **ZX_ERR_TIMED_OUT**, *observed* may reflect state changes
that occurred after the deadline passed, but before the syscall returned.
In the event of **ZX_ERR_CANCELED**, *handle* has been closed,
and *observed* will have the **ZX_SIGNAL_HANDLE_CLOSED** bit set.
For any other return value, *observed* is undefined.
**ZX_ERR_INVALID_ARGS** *observed* is an invalid pointer.
**ZX_ERR_BAD_HANDLE** *handle* is not a valid handle.
**ZX_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED** *handle* does not have **ZX_RIGHT_WAIT** and may
not be waited upon.
**ZX_ERR_CANCELED** *handle* was invalidated (e.g., closed) during the wait.
**ZX_ERR_TIMED_OUT** The specified deadline passed before any of the specified
*signals* are observed on *handle*.
**ZX_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED** *handle* is a handle that cannot be waited on
(for example, a Port handle).
- [timer slack](/docs/concepts/objects/
- [`zx_object_wait_async()`]
- [`zx_object_wait_many()`]
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