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# Bindings Reference
This section contains reference documentation for working with FIDL in
C++ ([HLCPP][hlcpp-bindings] and [LLCPP][llcpp-bindings]),
[Rust][rust-bindings], [Go][go-bindings], and [Dart][dart-bindings].
The documentation for each language includes (where available):
* A reference guide to the code generated by the FIDL compiler from your `.fidl` files
* Generated API documentation for FIDL libraries that are provided in each language
<!-- xrefs -->
[hlcpp-bindings]: /docs/reference/fidl/bindings/
[rust-bindings]: /docs/reference/fidl/bindings/
[llcpp-bindings]: /docs/reference/fidl/bindings/
[go-bindings]: /docs/reference/fidl/bindings/
[dart-bindings]: /docs/reference/fidl/bindings/