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# Fuchsia getting started
Welcome to Fuchsia! This guide walks you through the steps to get Fuchsia source code,
build Fuchsia, and run Fuchsia on an emulator or hardware device.
## Get Fuchsia source and build Fuchsia
To download the Fuchsia source code and set up your build environment, follow
these instructions:
* [Get Fuchsia source code](/docs/get-started/
* [Build Fuchsia](/docs/get-started/
## Set up Fuchsia
### Fuchsia emulator (FEMU)
To set up and run the Fuchsia emulator (FEMU), see
[Set up the Fuchsia emulator (FEMU)](/docs/get-started/
### Fuchsia on a device
To set up a hardware device, follow the steps in
[Installing Fuchsia on a device](/docs/development/hardware/
and [Build and pave quickstart](/docs/development/build/
## Explore Fuchsia
You can explore Fuchsia further in the following guides:
* [Explore Fuchsia basics](/docs/get-started/
* [Run an example Fuchsia component](/docs/development/run/
* [Fuchsia workflow tips and questions](/docs/development/source_code/
* [Configure editors](/docs/development/editors/)
* [Contribute to Fuchsia source code](/docs/development/source_code/
## Contribute to Zircon
Fuchsia source code includes [Zircon](/docs/concepts/kernel/, the core platform
that underpins Fuchsia. To work on Zircon, see
[Getting started with Zircon](/docs/development/kernel/