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# Working with target devices
## Connecting to a device
Fuchsia target devices must be connected to a host device via a network link.
SSH is the protocol for communications over that link, as described in
[this document](
### Getting the device address
Getting the Fuchsia device address can be done using mDNS. Methods for device
discovery are outlined in [this document](
## Flashing a device
In order to flash a device, start a [bootserver]( on the host and
restart the device into its bootloader.
## Installing software onto a device
The unit of installation on Fuchsia is a package.
For information on how to push packages to a Fuchsia device, see the
[this document](
## Getting logs from a device
In order to retrieve logs from a device, open a shell on the device and run the
`log_listener` command, which provides various filtering knobs. See
[this page]( for more details.