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# Logging in Go
Go programs on Fuchsia generally use the [syslog package] and its `syslog.Infof()` functions.
See the [language agnostic logging docs](/docs/development/logs/ for more information
about recording and viewing logs.
## Requirements
### GN dependencies
The necessary packages can be included with an addition to `deps` in ``:
deps = [
See [Go: Overview][go-dev] for more information about building Go within Fuchsia.
### Sandbox dependency
In order to connect to a diagnostics service, `fuchsia.logger.LogSink` must be in the sandbox
of the connecting component's [`.cmx` file]:
"sandbox": {
"services": [
The syslog library will fallback to `stderr` if the `LogSink` connection fails.
## Initialization
Initializing without any tags will default to using the process name.
import (
syslog ""
func main() {
ctx := component.NewContextFromStartupInfo()
// Global tags, max 4 tags can be passed. Every log message is tagged with these.
l, err := syslog.NewLoggerWithDefaults(ctx.Connector(), "my_tag")
if err != nil {
## Recording messages
The log methods have two variants: `Levelf` and `LevelTf` (e.g. `Infof` and `InfoTf`). The variant
of each method with a `T` accepts an additional tag for the message.
syslog.Infof("my msg: %d", 10); // maps to INFO
// Allow message specific tagging. This message is going to be tagged with
// this local tag and any global tag passed during initialization.
syslog.InfoTf("tag", "my msg: %d", 10);
syslog.Warnf("my msg: %d", 10); // maps to WARN
syslog.WarnTf("tag", "my msg: %d", 10);
syslog.Errorf("my msg: %d", 10); // maps to ERROR
syslog.ErrorTf("tag", "my msg: %d", 10);
syslog.Fatalf("my msg: %d", 10); // maps to FATAL
syslog.FatalTf("tag", "my msg: %d", 10);
## Standard streams
`fmt.Printf()`, `fmt.Sprintf()` etc. go to standard out (`stdout`) and standard error (`stderr`).
See [`stdout` & `stderr`] in the language-agnostic logging docs for details on the routing of stdio
streams in the system.
[syslog package]: /src/lib/syslog/go
[`.cmx` file]: /docs/concepts/storage/
[go-dev]: /docs/development/languages/go/
[`stdout` & `stderr`]: /docs/development/logs/