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# Host side FIDL
This document is a short summary of what's available now for host side FIDL,
and what may be available in the future.
## What is Available?
Encoding and decoding of structs and tables that contain no zircon handles in C++ only.
* Use of handles (or consequently FIDL protocol requests and the like) will cause the
host side libraries to fail.
* In the future this will be verified through a mechanism like NoHandles.
## What is not Available?
Any use of protocols.
* Trying to use a FIDL file that mentions a protocol will cause the host
side runtime to fail to compile.
* In the future some verification mechanism will be available here too.
## What is out of scope?
Emulation of arbitrary zircon handles (particularly VMO’s).
## What is possibly in scope?
Protocols communicating over a socket transport (implies not exchanging handles).
## What is undecided?
Emulation of channels on host side (maybe through overnet).