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# Logging in Dart
Dart programs on Fuchsia generally write log messages with the `lib.logging` package, consuming and
initializing it through the `fuchsia_logger` package.
See the [language agnostic logging docs] for more information
about recording and viewing logs.
## Requirements
### GN dependency
The necessary packages can be included with an addtion to `deps` in ``:
deps = [
The `fuchsia_logger` package also provides Dart's `lib.logging`.
See [Dart: Overview][dart-dev] for more information about building Dart within Fuchsia.
### Sandbox dependency
In order to connect to a diagnostics service, `fuchsia.logger.LogSink` must be in the sandbox
of the connecting component's [`.cmx` file]:
"sandbox": {
"services": [
The syslog library will fallback to `stderr` if the `LogSink` connection fails.
## Initialization
In your main function, call the `setupLogger()` function to initialize logging:
import 'package:fuchsia_logger/logger.dart';
main() {
// process name will be used if no name is provided here
setupLogger(name: 'my-component');
### Configure severity
By default only messages with `INFO` severity or higher are printed. Severity level can be adjusted
by providing the `level` parameter in the `setupLogger()` call.
For example, to make all log messages appear in [`fx log`]:
setupLogger(name: 'noisy-component', level: Level.ALL);
## Recording messages
The `log` object is a [Logger] instance.
import 'package:fuchsia_logger/logger.dart';
log.finest('quietest'); // maps to TRACE
log.finer('also quietest'); // maps to TRACE also
log.fine('quiet'); // maps to DEBUG'hello world!'); // maps to INFO
log.warning('uhhh'); // maps to WARN
log.severe('oh no!'); // maps to ERROR
log.shout('this is fatal.'); // maps to FATAL
## Standard streams
`print` goes to standard out (`stdout`).
See [`stdout` & `stderr`] in the language-agnostic logging docs for details on the routing of stdio
streams in the system.
[`fx log`]: /docs/development/diagnostics/logs/
[dart-dev]: /docs/development/languages/dart/
[`.cmx` file]: /docs/concepts/components/v1/
[`stdout` & `stderr`]: /docs/development/diagnostics/logs/
[language agnostic logging docs]: /docs/concepts/diagnostics/logs/