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# ELF Runner
The ELF runner is the runner responsible for launching
[components][glossary-components] based on standard executable files (ELF
A capability to the ELF runner service is offered to the root component under
the name `elf`. For other components to use the ELF runner, the capability must
be explicitly [routed][capability-routing] to them.
For a detailed explanation of how processes are created, please see
## Using the ELF Runner
To use the ELF runner, the component must:
- Add a [`use`][use] declaration for the ELF runner.
- Add a `program` block, containing the binary and (optionally) program
arguments that should be used.
The ELF runner receives instructions from the `program` section of the
[component manifest][glossary-component-manifests]. The `binary` field holds the
path to an executable file in the package the manifest comes from, and the
`args` field holds any additional string arguments that should be provided to
the process when it is created.
This is an example manifest that launches `bin/echo` with the arguments `Hello`
and `world!`. It assumes that the ELF runner capability has been offered to the
component under the name `elf`:
"program": {
"binary": "bin/echo",
"args": [ "Hello", "world!" ],
"use": [
{ "runner": "elf" },
[use]: /docs/
[glossary-components]: /docs/
[program-loading]: /docs/concepts/booting/
<!-- TODO: the component manifest link describes v1 manifests -->
[glossary-component-manifests]: /docs/