Retrieve build information

Metrics and error reports are collected from devices in several ways: Cobalt, feedback reports, crash reports, manual reports from developers and QA. Interpreting these signals requires knowing where they are generated from to varying levels of detail. This document describes the places where version information about the system are stored for use in these types of reports.

Note that this information only applies to the base system; dynamically or ephemerally added software will not be included here.

View build information using CLI

To view the device's build information using a command line, run the following ffx command:

ffx target show

Access build information at runtime

To access build information at runtime, add the feature build-info to the component manifest of the component that needs to read the following fields:


Location: /config/build-info/product

This string describes the product configuration used at build time. Ths string defaults to the value passed as PRODUCT in fx set. Example: products/core.gni and products/workstation.gni.


Location: /config/build-info/board

This string describes the board configuration used at build time to specify the target hardware. This string defaults to the value passed as BOARD in fx set. Example: boards/x64.gni.


Location: /config/build-info/version

This string describes the version of the build. The string defaults to the same string used currently in latest-commit-date, which can be overridden by build infrastructure to provide a more semantically meaningful version, for example, to include the release train the build was produced on.

Latest commit date

Location: /config/build-info/latest-commit-date

This string contains a timestamp of the most recent commit to the integration repository (specifically, the CommitDate field) formatted in strict ISO 8601 format in the UTC timezone. Example: 2019-03-28T15:42:20+00:00.


Location: /config/build-info/snapshot

This string contains the Jiri snapshot of the most recent ‘jiri update’.

Kernel version

Location: Stored in vDSO. Accessed through zx_system_get_version_string.

This string contains the Zircon revision computed during the kernel build process.