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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.web;
enum ContextError : int32 {
/// The remote debugging service was not opened.
/// The top-level service interface which allows for the creation of
/// Context resources.
// TODO(WEB-29): Remove ContextProvider in favor of launching Context
// instances directly.
protocol ContextProvider {
/// Creates a new browser Context whose state is wholly independent and
/// isolated from other Contexts.
/// `context`: An interface request which will receive a bound Context
/// service.
Create(CreateContextParams params, request<Context> context);
table CreateContextParams {
/// Service directory to be used by the context.
// TODO(WEB-26): Document required and optional services that Context uses.
1: service_directory;
/// Handle to the directory that will contain the Context's
/// persistent data. If it is left unset, then the created Context will be
/// stateless, with all of its data discarded upon Context destruction.
/// If set, `data_directory` must not be shared with any other Context.
// TODO(WEB-28): Provide an API to inform the caller when the
// `data_directory` can be safely removed.
2: data_directory;
/// Optional suffix to append to the UserAgent string, to describe the
/// embedder's product & version. See the User-Agent HTTP header
/// specification at
3: string user_agent_product;
4: string user_agent_version;
/// Port to be used for remote debugging for connection via the DevTools
/// protocol. Setting this to 0 will make the Context use an ephemeral
/// port, which can be then queried via the
/// Context.GetRemoteDebuggingPort() API.
/// This is only for testing purposes and should not be set in production
/// code.
5: uint16 remote_debugging_port;
/// Manages browsing state (e.g. LocalStorage, cookies, etc) associated with
/// a set of Frames.
protocol Context {
/// Creates a new frame under this Context. Destruction of a Context
/// triggers the destruction of all of its associated Frames. Frames can be
/// transferred to another component but cannot be shared across multiple
/// components.
/// `frame`: An interface request that will be bound to the created Frame.
CreateFrame(request<Frame> frame);
/// Used to observe cookies for sites hosted under this Context.
GetCookieManager(request<CookieManager> manager);
/// Returns the port used for remote debugging.
/// The ContextError will be set to REMOTE_DEBUGGING_PORT_NOT_OPENED if
/// |remote_debugging_port| was not set in CreateContextParams or the
/// remote debugging service failed to start.
GetRemoteDebuggingPort() -> (uint16 port) error ContextError;