Editor integration for Zircon


YouCompleteMe is a semantic code-completion engine. YouCompleteMe works natively with Vim but it can also be integrated with other editors through ycmd.

Install YouCompleteMe in your editor

See the installation guide.

Note: Installing YCM on MacOS with Homebrew is not recommended because of library compatibility errors. Use the official installation guide instead.

gLinux (Googlers only)

(This applies to anyone compiling on gLinux, even if editing over SSHFS on MacOS) Ignore the above. Search the Google intranet for “YouCompleteMe” for installation instructions.

Generate compilation database

YouCompleteMe (and other tools like clang-tidy) require a JSON compilation database that specifies how each file is compiled. This database is normally stored in a file called compile_commands.json.

The following will create a compile_commands.json file in the local directory:

gn gen build-zircon --export-compile-commands

Use it

YouCompleteMe will use compile_commands.json to do code completion and find symbol definitions/declarations. See your editor's YouCompleteMe docs for details.

It should pick up the json file automatically. If you want to move it out of the zircon tree, you can move the file to its parent directory.

See also

For Fuchsia integration, see https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/fuchsia/+/master/scripts/vim/README.md