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// Copyright 2016 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include <fuchsia/ui/viewsv1/cpp/fidl.h>
#include "garnet/lib/ui/gfx/engine/object_linker.h"
#include "lib/fxl/macros.h"
#include "lib/fxl/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "lib/ui/scenic/cpp/resources.h"
namespace view_manager {
class ViewContainerState;
class ViewRegistry;
class ViewState;
class ViewStub;
class ViewTreeState;
class PendingViewTransferState;
using ViewLinker = scenic_impl::gfx::ObjectLinker<ViewStub, ViewState>;
// Describes a link in the view hierarchy either from a parent view to one
// of its children or from the view tree to its root view.
// When this object is created, it is not yet known whether the linked
// view actually exists. We must wait for a response from the view owner
// to resolve the view's token and associate the stub with its child.
// Instances of this object are held by a unique pointer owned by the
// parent view or view tree at the point where the view is being linked.
// Note that the lifetime of the views themselves is managed by the view
// registry.
// Note: sometimes, we might be waiting for |OnViewResolved| while this
// |ViewStub| has already been removed and ownership of the child is supposed
// to be transferred.
// In that case, this |ViewStub| holds a reference to itself and, when
// |OnViewResolved| is finally called, it tells the |view_registry| to
// immediately transfer ownership of the child view.
class ViewStub {
// Begins the process of resolving a view.
// |host_import_token| is the import token for the node exported by the parent
// view in order to host this view's graphical contents.
ViewStub(ViewRegistry* registry, zx::eventpair host_import_token);
fxl::WeakPtr<ViewStub> GetWeakPtr() { return weak_factory_.GetWeakPtr(); }
// Gets the view state referenced by the stub, or null if the view
// has not yet been resolved or is unavailable.
ViewState* state() const { return state_; }
// Returns true if the view which was intended to be referenced by the
// stub has become unavailable.
bool is_unavailable() const { return unavailable_; }
// Returns true if awaiting resolution of the view.
bool is_pending() const { return !state_ && !unavailable_; }
// Returns true if the view is linked into a tree or parent.
bool is_linked() const { return tree_ || parent_; }
// Returns true if the view is linked into a tree and has no parent.
bool is_root_of_tree() const { return tree_ && !parent_; }
// Gets the view tree to which this view belongs, or null if none.
ViewTreeState* tree() const { return tree_; }
// Gets the parent view state, or null if none.
ViewState* parent() const { return parent_; }
// Gets the container, or null if none.
ViewContainerState* container() const;
// Gets the key that this child has in its container, or 0 if none.
uint32_t key() const { return key_; }
// Gets the properties which the container set on this view, or null
// if none set or the view has become unavailable.
const ::fuchsia::ui::viewsv1::ViewPropertiesPtr& properties() const {
return properties_;
// Binds the stub to the specified actual view, which must not be null.
// Must be called at most once to apply the effects of resolving the
// view owner.
void AttachView(ViewState* state);
// Marks the stub as unavailable.
// Returns the previous view state, or null if none.
ViewState* ReleaseView();
// Sets the child's container and key. Must not be null.
void SetContainer(ViewContainerState* container, uint32_t key);
// Called in the rare case when |OnViewResolved| hasn't been called, but
// we have already been removed and the child view's ownership is supposed to
// be transferred
void TransferViewWhenResolved(std::unique_ptr<ViewStub> view_stub,
zx::eventpair transferred_view_token);
// Releases the host import token and host node.
void ReleaseHost();
// Creates the host node from the host import token.
// This must be called by the view registry once it is time to bind the view's
// graphical content to its host. The host import token is consumed as
// part of creating the host node.
void ImportHostNode(scenic::Session* session);
// Gets the imported host node, or null if none.
scenic::ImportNode* host_node() { return host_node_.get(); }
// This is true when |ViewStub| has been transferred before |OnViewResolved|
// has been called, and the child view's ownership is supposed to be
// transferred. In that case, we will transfer ownership of the child
// immediately once |OnViewResolved| is called.
inline bool transfer_view_when_resolved() const {
return pending_view_transfer_ != nullptr;
ViewRegistry* registry_;
ViewState* state_ = nullptr;
bool unavailable_ = false;
zx::eventpair host_import_token_;
std::unique_ptr<scenic::ImportNode> host_node_;
// Non-null when we are waiting to transfer the view.
// Saves the ViewHolder token we want to transfer ownership to, and a
// reference to ourselves to keep us alive until |OnViewResolved| is called.
std::unique_ptr<PendingViewTransferState> pending_view_transfer_;
::fuchsia::ui::viewsv1::ViewPropertiesPtr properties_;
ViewTreeState* tree_ = nullptr;
ViewState* parent_ = nullptr;
uint32_t key_ = 0u;
fxl::WeakPtrFactory<ViewStub> weak_factory_;
} // namespace view_manager