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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This FIDL file provides the common types and protocols shared between
// from Zircon and from the SDK.
// TODO(eweeks): Rename this library to
using fuchsia.sysmem;
/// TODO(braval): This set of declarations would be the bitfield: CameraOutputCapabilities.
const uint32 CAMERA_OUTPUT_UNKNOWN = 0;
const uint32 CAMERA_OUTPUT_STILL_IMAGE = 0x01;
const uint32 CAMERA_OUTPUT_BURST = 0x02;
const uint32 CAMERA_OUTPUT_STREAM = 0x04;
const uint32 CAMERA_OUTPUT_HDR = 0x08;
const uint32 CAMERA_OUTPUT_DEPTH = 0x10;
const uint32 CAMERA_OUTPUT_STEREO = 0x20;
/// Identifying information about the device.
/// TODO(braval): Uncomment the strings when zircon supports llcpp bindings
/// TODO(CAM-12): Add CameraPose, when we can actually use it.
struct DeviceInfo {
/// Currently populated by the camera manager
uint64 camera_id;
uint16 vendor_id;
/// string vendor_name;
uint16 product_id;
/// string product_name;
/// string serial_number;
/// The maximum number of stream interfaces that the device can support
/// simultaneously.
uint16 max_stream_count;
uint32 output_capabilities;
/// Status to be set when a frame is signaled available.
enum FrameStatus {
OK = 1;
/// An error occurred during the production of a frame.
/// No data will be available in the data buffer corresponding to this
/// notification.
/// No space was available in the data buffer, resulting in a dropped frame.
/// Extra information associated with the frame.
struct Metadata {
int64 timestamp;
/// Sent by the driver to the client when a frame is available for processing,
/// or an error occurred.
// TODO(eweeks): Replace struct with three parameter event.
struct FrameAvailableEvent {
/// Non zero if an error occurred.
FrameStatus frame_status;
/// The index of the buffer in the buffer collection.
uint32 buffer_id;
/// Any associated metadata such as timestamp.
Metadata metadata;
/// The number of frames being produced every second.
struct FrameRate {
/// The frame rate is frames_per_sec_numerator / frames_per_sec_denominator.
uint32 frames_per_sec_numerator;
uint32 frames_per_sec_denominator;
/// Video format includes the image format and frame rate of frames being produced.
struct VideoFormat {
fuchsia.sysmem.ImageFormat format;
FrameRate rate;
/// Protocol shared between the driver and the consumer.
[Layout = "Simple"]
protocol Stream {
/// Starts the streaming of frames.
/// Stops the streaming of frames.
/// Unlocks the specified frame, allowing the driver to reuse the memory.
ReleaseFrame(uint32 buffer_id);
/// Sent by the driver to the client when a frame is available for processing,
/// or an error occurred.
-> OnFrameAvailable(FrameAvailableEvent frame);