Implementation of Ledger.


  • app implements Ledger fidl API
  • cache
  • cloud_sync implements Ledger synchronisation via cloud
  • cobalt contains helper methods for reporting Cobalt events
  • coroutine coroutine library
  • encryption implements encryption service for Ledger
  • environment
  • fidl FIDL protocols internal to Ledger and peridot framework (not exposed to upper layers)
  • fidl_helpers
  • lock
  • filesystem contains filesystem-related helper functions
  • p2p_provider implements P2P primitives powering the P2P sync
  • p2p_sync implements Ledger synchronisation via P2P
  • storage implements persistent representation of data held in Ledger
  • testing contains helper functions used for testing Ledger
  • tests contains tests and benchmarks for Ledger