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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.netemul.environment;
using fuchsia.sys;
using fuchsia.logger;
/// A single service to be launched in managed environment.
struct LaunchService {
/// Service name.
string name;
/// Service launch url (fuchsia component url).
string url;
/// Service launch arguments
vector<string>? arguments;
/// A single virtual device to make available for child processes.
/// Virtual devices are mounted on /vdev.
struct VirtualDevice {
/// Relative path to /vdev.
string path;
/// Virtual device server. device;
/// Logger specific options for a created environment
table LoggerOptions {
/// Enable printing logs.
1: bool enabled;
/// Enable kernel logs (no effect if |enabled| is false).
2: bool klogs_enabled;
/// LogFilter Options straight from fuchsia.logger.LogFilter.
/// The LogFilterOptions will be passed directly to the |Listen|
/// function of the fuchsia.logger.Log service without any
/// modification. If none provided, assume null. See |Listen| of
/// fuchsia.logger.Log for more information.
3: fuchsia.logger.LogFilterOptions filter_options;
/// Use the parent environment's syslog for output, only enriching
/// tags with environment names. If false or not provided,
/// environment logs are printed to stdout.
4: bool syslog_output;
/// Options used to create environment.
table EnvironmentOptions {
/// Environment name, for debugging purposes.
/// If none provided, a random name will be generated.
1: string name;
/// Services to register on environment.
/// If none provided, no additional services will be registered.
/// However, a ManagedEnvironment may still register some default
/// services.
2: vector<LaunchService> services;
/// Devices to make available.
/// If none provided, no devices will be made available.
3: vector<VirtualDevice> devices;
/// Whether to inherit service launch options from parent environment.
/// If none provided, assume false.
4: bool inherit_parent_launch_services;
/// Logger Options.
/// If none provided, log printing is disabled by default.
5: LoggerOptions logger_options;
/// Managed environment is made available on netemul runners.
/// Typically this interface will be used by the root runner
/// to setup the testing environment.
protocol ManagedEnvironment {
/// Gets the managed launcher for the environment.
GetLauncher(request<fuchsia.sys.Launcher> launcher);
/// Creates a nested managed environment.
CreateChildEnvironment(request<ManagedEnvironment> child_env, EnvironmentOptions options);
/// Connects to a service named |name| provided by this environment.
ConnectToService(string name, handle<channel> req);
/// Exposes new virtual device |device| for all components within this environment
AddDevice(VirtualDevice device);
/// Removes virtual device mounted at |path| (relative to /vdev)
RemoveDevice(string path);