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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "host.h"
#include "fidl/host_server.h"
#include "gatt_host.h"
#include "src/connectivity/bluetooth/core/bt-host/common/log.h"
#include "src/connectivity/bluetooth/core/bt-host/hci/device_wrapper.h"
#include "src/connectivity/bluetooth/core/bt-host/hci/transport.h"
using namespace bt;
namespace bthost {
Host::Host(const bt_hci_protocol_t& hci_proto) : hci_proto_(hci_proto) {}
Host::~Host() {}
bool Host::Initialize(InitCallback callback) {
auto dev = std::make_unique<hci::DdkDeviceWrapper>(hci_proto_);
auto hci = hci::Transport::Create(std::move(dev));
if (!hci)
return false;
bt_log(TRACE, "bt-host", "initializing HCI");
if (!hci->Initialize()) {
bt_log(ERROR, "bt-host", "failed to initialize HCI transport");
return false;
data_domain_ = data::Domain::Create(hci, "bt-host (data)");
if (!data_domain_)
return false;
gatt_host_ = GattHost::Create("bt-host (gatt)");
if (!gatt_host_)
return false;
gap_ =
std::make_unique<gap::Adapter>(hci, data_domain_, gatt_host_->profile());
if (!gap_)
return false;
// Called when the GATT profile is ready. After the GATT profile is ready,
// we initialize the generic access service as it depends on the GATT
// profile to be ready.
auto gatt_init_callback = [gap = gap_->AsWeakPtr(),
init_callback = callback.share()]() {
bt_log(TRACE, "bt-host", "GATT init complete (success)");
if (gap) {
bt_log(TRACE, "bt-host", "Initializing Generic Access Service...");
// Called when the GAP layer is ready. We initialize the GATT profile after
// initial setup in GAP. The data domain will be initialized by GAP because it
// both sets up the HCI ACL data channel that L2CAP relies on and registers
// L2CAP services.
auto gap_init_callback = [gatt_host = gatt_host_,
init_callback = std::move(callback),
gatt_init_callback = std::move(gatt_init_callback)](
bool success) mutable {
bt_log(TRACE, "bt-host", "GAP init complete (%s)",
(success ? "success" : "failure"));
if (success) {
bt_log(TRACE, "bt-host", "Initializing GATT...");
} else {
bt_log(TRACE, "bt-host", "Initializing GAP...");
return gap_->Initialize(std::move(gap_init_callback), [] {
bt_log(TRACE, "bt-host", "bt-host: HCI transport has closed");
void Host::ShutDown() {
bt_log(TRACE, "bt-host", "shutting down");
// Closes all FIDL channels owned by |host_server_|.
host_server_ = nullptr;
// This shuts down the GATT profile and all of its clients.
// Make sure that |gap_| gets shut down and destroyed on its creation thread
// as it is not thread-safe. This shuts down the data domain.
gap_ = nullptr;
data_domain_ = nullptr;
gatt_host_ = nullptr;
void Host::BindHostInterface(zx::channel channel) {
if (host_server_) {
bt_log(WARN, "bt-host", "Host interface channel already open!");
host_server_ = std::make_unique<HostServer>(std::move(channel),
gap_->AsWeakPtr(), gatt_host_);
host_server_->set_error_handler([this](zx_status_t status) {
bt_log(TRACE, "bt-host", "Host interface disconnected");
host_server_ = nullptr;
} // namespace bthost