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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.gpu.magma;
using zx;
[Layout = "Simple"]
protocol Device {
// Get a parameter.
Query(uint64 query_id) -> (uint64 result);
// Get the magma ipc channels.
Connect(uint64 client_id) -> (handle<channel> primary_channel, handle<channel> notification_channel);
// Dumps driver and hardware state.
DumpState(uint32 dump_type);
// For testing only.
// Primary declarations.
const uint32 kReceiveBufferSize = 2048;
protocol Primary {
// Imports a buffer for use in the system driver.
ImportBuffer(handle<vmo> buffer);
// Destroys the buffer with |buffer_id| within this connection.
ReleaseBuffer(zx.koid buffer_id);
// Imports an object for use in the system driver.
ImportObject(handle object, uint32 object_type);
// Destroys the object with |object_id| within this connection.
ReleaseObject(zx.koid object_id, uint32 object_type);
// Creates context |context_id|.
CreateContext(uint32 context_id);
// Destroys context |context_id|.
DestroyContext(uint32 context_id);
// Submits a command buffer for execution on the GPU.
// Note that the buffer referred to by |command_buffer| must contain a valid
// magma_system_command_buffer and all associated data structures
// Transfers ownership of |command_buffer|.
ExecuteCommandBuffer(handle command_buffer, uint32 context_id);
// Submits a series of commands for execution on the GPU without using a command buffer.
ExecuteImmediateCommands(uint32 context_id,
bytes:kReceiveBufferSize command_data,
vector<zx.koid> semaphores);
// Retrieve the current magma error status.
GetError() -> (int32 magma_status);
// Maps |page_count| pages of |buffer| from |page_offset| onto the GPU in the connection's
// address space at |gpu_va|. |flags| is a set of flags from MAGMA_GPU_MAP_FLAGS that
// specify how the GPU can access the buffer.
MapBufferGpu(zx.koid buffer_id, uint64 gpu_va, uint64 page_offset,
uint64 page_count, uint64 flags);
// Releases the mapping at |gpu_va| from the GPU.
// Buffers will also be implicitly unmapped when released.
UnmapBufferGpu(zx.koid buffer_id, uint64 gpu_va);
// Ensures that |page_count| pages starting at |page_offset| from the beginning of the
// buffer are backed by physical memory.
CommitBuffer(zx.koid buffer_id, uint64 page_offset, uint64 page_count);