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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use fuchsia_zircon::{self as zx, sys::zx_time_t};
use pin_utils::unsafe_pinned;
use std::{marker::PhantomPinned, mem, pin::Pin, ptr};
use crate::subloop::Subloop;
/// The C type `async_test_subloop_t`.
/// It is treated as opaque. `subloop_t` is a type-safe version of this type.
pub struct async_test_subloop_t {
_private: [u8; 0],
/// The internal representation of the async subloop. This is
/// type-safe: pointers and fields have the right types. The
/// representation of `async_test_subloop_t` is a prefix of this, so
/// pointers to this structure can be used as `*mut
/// async_test_subloop_t`.
struct subloop_t<T> {
// This field is present in the C structure.
// It will always contain a pointer to the `ops_storage` field.
ops: *const subloop_ops_t<Self>,
// These fields extend the C structure.
// Store the actual ops table inline, as we allocate it at the same
// time as the subloop.
ops_storage: subloop_ops_t<Self>,
// `data` is pinned if the subloop is pinned.
data: T,
// The subloop contains a self-reference and should not be Unpin.
_pinned: PhantomPinned,
impl<T> subloop_t<T>
T: Subloop,
unsafe_pinned!(data: T);
/// Converts a raw pointer to the subloop to a pinned mutable reference.
/// Callers should ensure that the subloop has not been finalized
/// or moved and that only one of these references is used at a
/// time.
unsafe fn from_raw<'a>(self_ptr: *mut Self) -> Pin<&'a mut Self> {
Pin::new_unchecked(&mut *self_ptr)
// Unsafe: these operations are safe as long as the returned
// subloop are used in accordance with the async_test_subloop_t
// contract: they are always called with a pointer to the
// corresponding `subloop_t`, there is no concurrent access, and
// no access after finalization. We also do not move the value
// once constructed, and the user of the async_test_subloop_t is
// unable to do it, so we can use the self pointer as a pinned
// mutable reference.
unsafe extern "C" fn advance_time_to(subloop: *mut Self, time: zx_time_t) {
let subloop = subloop_t::from_raw(subloop);
Subloop::advance_time_to(, zx::Time::from_nanos(time)).into()
unsafe extern "C" fn dispatch_next_due_message(subloop: *mut Self) -> u8 {
let subloop = subloop_t::from_raw(subloop);
unsafe extern "C" fn has_pending_work(subloop: *mut Self) -> u8 {
let subloop = subloop_t::from_raw(subloop);
unsafe extern "C" fn get_next_task_due_time(subloop: *mut Self) -> zx_time_t {
let subloop = subloop_t::from_raw(subloop);
unsafe extern "C" fn finalize(subloop: *mut Self) {
let subloop = Box::from_raw(subloop);
/// A type-safe representation of the C `async_test_subloop_ops_t` structure. See
/// `zircon/system/ulib/async-testing/include/lib/async-testing/test_subloop.h` for
/// documentation.
struct subloop_ops_t<T> {
advance_time_to: unsafe extern "C" fn(*mut T, zx_time_t),
dispatch_next_due_message: unsafe extern "C" fn(*mut T) -> u8,
has_pending_work: unsafe extern "C" fn(*mut T) -> u8,
get_next_task_due_time: unsafe extern "C" fn(*mut T) -> zx_time_t,
finalize: unsafe extern "C" fn(*mut T),
impl<T> subloop_ops_t<subloop_t<T>>
T: Subloop,
/// Creates a subloop_ops_t from a Subloop implementation.
fn build() -> Self {
subloop_ops_t {
advance_time_to: subloop_t::advance_time_to,
dispatch_next_due_message: subloop_t::dispatch_next_due_message,
has_pending_work: subloop_t::has_pending_work,
get_next_task_due_time: subloop_t::get_next_task_due_time,
finalize: subloop_t::finalize,
/// Creates a new subloop structure from something implementing Subloop.
pub(crate) fn new_subloop<T>(data: T) -> *mut async_test_subloop_t
T: Subloop,
// The subloop_t structure is self-referential. We first build it
// with null instead of the self-pointer.
let mut subloop = Box::new(subloop_t {
ops: ptr::null(),
ops_storage: subloop_ops_t::build(),
_pinned: PhantomPinned,
// Safety: the subloop will not be moved again.
subloop.ops = &subloop.ops_storage;
// A subloop_t<T> can be used as an async_test_subloop_t.
Box::into_raw(subloop) as *mut async_test_subloop_t