Specialized C++ Containers


This directory containers some specialized data structures that are meant to augment the C++ Standard Library. Do not add containers that solve the same problems that a container from the Standard Library does. Do not add containers that are useful in the kernel. Those should go in the FBL.

This library never produces I/O.


Code in this library can only depend on the following sources:

  • The C Standard Library.
  • The C++ Standard Library.
  • The Safemath Library.

No other dependencies are allowed.

Supported Platforms

Code in this library should build both for host and target. Unit tests should validate the behaviour on both host and target.

Naming Convention

The rational is that if a container has STL-like behaviour, it should follow the STL naming convention. That is, the name classes use under_score instead of the PascalCase used in the rest of Fuchsia.