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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use {
crate::io_packet::{IoPacket, IoPacketType},
serde_derive::{Deserialize, Serialize},
std::{io::Result, ops::Range, slice::Iter, sync::Arc, time::Instant},
/// The type of operations that can be performed using odu. Not all targets may
/// implement all the operations.
#[derive(Clone, Copy, Debug, PartialEq)]
pub enum OperationType {
// Persist a buffer onto target that can be read at a later point in time.
// "Open" target for other IO operations. This is not implement at the
// moment but is used to unit test some of the generate functionality.
// Meta operations
// Finish all outstanding operations and forward the command to next stage
// of the pipeline before exiting gracefully.
// Abort all outstanding operations and exit as soon as possible.
// Read,
// LSeek,
// Close,
// FSync,
// /// DirOps
// Unlink,
// CreateDir,
// DeleteDir,
// ReadDir,
// OpenDir,
// Link, /// This is for hard links only. Symlinks are small files.
// /// FsOps
// Mount,
// Unmount,
/// IoPackets go through different stages in pipeline. These stages help track
// the IO and also are indicative of how loaded different parts of the app is.
#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Debug, Clone)]
pub enum PipelineStages {
/// IoPacket is in generator stage
/// IoPacket is in issuer stage
/// IoPacket is in verifier stage
/// These functions makes better indexing and walking stages a bit better.
impl PipelineStages {
pub const fn stage_count() -> usize {
3 // number of entries in PipelineStages.
pub fn stage_number(&self) -> usize {
match self {
PipelineStages::Generate => 0,
PipelineStages::Issue => 1,
PipelineStages::Verify => 2,
pub fn iterator() -> Iter<'static, PipelineStages> {
static STAGES: [PipelineStages; PipelineStages::stage_count()] =
[PipelineStages::Generate, PipelineStages::Issue, PipelineStages::Verify];
pub type TargetType = Arc<Box<Target + Send + Sync>>;
/// Target trait. Each new target type should implement this trait. Currently
// only File blocking IO call are implemented. Some of these functions are no-ops
// as the work is still in progress.
pub trait Target {
fn setup(&mut self, file_name: &String, range: Range<u64>) -> Result<()>;
fn create_io_packet(
operation_type: OperationType,
seq: u64,
seed: u64,
io_offset_range: Range<u64>,
target: &TargetType, // &Arc<Box<Target + Send + Sync>>,
) -> IoPacketType;
/// Returns target unique identifier.
fn id(&self) -> u64;
/// Returns a reference to a struct which contains all the valid operations
/// for the instance of the target.
fn supported_ops(&self) -> &TargetOps;
/// issues an IO
fn do_io(&self, io_packet: &mut IoPacket);
/// Returns true if the issued IO is complete.
fn is_complete(&self, io_packet: &IoPacket) -> bool;
/// Returns true if verify needs an IO
fn verify_needs_io(&self, io_packet: &IoPacket) -> bool;
/// Generates parameters for verify IO packet.
fn generate_verify_io(&self, io_packet: &mut IoPacket);
/// Verifies "success" of an IO. Returns true if IO was successful.
fn verify(&self, io_packet: &mut IoPacket, verify_packet: &IoPacket) -> bool;
fn start_instant(&self) -> Instant;
pub struct TargetOps {
pub write: Option<OperationType>,
pub truncate: Option<OperationType>,
pub open: Option<OperationType>,
pub create: Option<OperationType>,
// read: Option<OperationType>,
// lseek: Option<OperationType>,
// close: Option<OperationType>,
// fsync: Option<OperationType>,
// unlink: Option<OperationType>,
// createdir: Option<OperationType>,
// deletedir: Option<OperationType>,
// readdir: Option<OperationType>,
// opendir: Option<OperationType>,
// link: Option<OperationType>,
// mount: Option<OperationType>,
// unmount: Option<OperationType>,